Awesome Radio v 1.5

Awesome-Radio-v-1.5-1 Awesome-Radio-v-1.5-2

500 + European Radio Stations

Mod includes:
– Europe version (All 501 radio stations)
– UK version (105 radio stations from United Kingdom)
– Germany version (105 radio stations from Germany)
– France version (100 radio stations from France)
– Denmark version (72 radio stations from Denmark)
– Sweden version (77 radio stations from Sweden)
– Luxembourg version (11 radio stations from Luxembourg)
– Romania version (31 radio stations from Romania)

How to install:
1. Backup the original “live_streams.ssi” file. So if something goes wrong, you can undo it later.
2. Replace the original “live_streams.ssi” with the one from this mod.
3. You find the “live_streams.ssi” here: C:\Users\(Your Username)\My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2

Author: spopok


6 thoughts on “Awesome Radio v 1.5

  1. to the authors. I have downloaded this twice and the link for BBC4 Extra hasn’t worked. Perhaps a check of the link is in order
    good mod though, just that one thing that I would like

    1. For me the link works, dont know why it doesnt work for you.
      Could be possible, that BBC radio isnt available in your country, if your not from the UK.

  2. no, i’m not from the UK. although the rest of the BBC stations work fine the BBC 4 Extra isn’t working

    1. Hmm… I really have no idea, why its not working. I cant help anymore, sorry.

  3. es que vous pouvai mettre tandance ouste svp

  4. Thanksz

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