Backlit Signs

Backlit Signs (3) Backlit Signs (2) Backlit Signs (1)

Mod adds illumination of signs on the trucks ( 4 kinds of illumination).

Just added trucks:
Daf Euro 6
Iveco Hiway
Scania Streamline
Volvo FH16 2012
Mercedes Actros MP4
Scania RS (RJL)

Authors: Wujek Chill, djmassive2


7 thoughts on “Backlit Signs

  1. Nice mod!

  2. Thank you
    well done

  3. Great work! Thanks!

  4. Amazing work, where can i found this beacon on the top of the truck?

  5. i have RJl 1.19 version and it dosent work i have dracula skin on

  6. Doesn’t work on my Scania.

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