BDF Tandem Truck Jordan International Pack

Jordan International (1) Jordan International (2)

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BDF tandem truck pack JORDAN International
Volvo FH16 2012 and Scania Streamline

Mod: Volvo FH16 2012 and Scania Streamliner BDF tandem

It is 7 standalone truck with trailer (BDF tandem).
To drive these trucks, you have to go to the dealerships and upgrade.
Select chassis 8×4 Tandem and select the dot just behind cabin to add the Coolerbox.

BDF tandem truck pack JORDAN for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Tandem trailer will let you haul about 22 different cargo types from 18T to 25T.

Modernization and adaptation for version 1.19

Authors: SCS, Blender,Fl. Vinge, Revaniko-repin, Pl.Software


10 Responses to BDF Tandem Truck Jordan International Pack

  1. losevo58 says:

    Мод с версий ETS2: 1.8.х и 1.9.х
    Maud version ETS2: 1.8.x and 1.9.h

    • Maximka.L says:

      Здрасте. А как же это: Modernization and adaptation for version 1.19 ???

  2. AvM says:

    Volvo V8 ?!
    The Skin is not the badest, but the Trucks …. hm ….

  3. wtf says:

    V8 on a Volvo FH…. Could barely get worse.

  4. Asbest says:

    1.19 works well.
    Good skin mod complete with trucks. Super!
    Thanks dude!

  5. teodor says:

    scania i volvo sa mnogo nubavi kamioni no as nemoga da istegla mega mod
    ets 2 pokaghete mi kak moqt skupe e (teodorscania) potarsete me

  6. TeddyBear says:

    Wonder when its gonne be made a volvo fh box truck but with a box from a real trailer! Not scs trailers.

  7. Vini says:

    Not bad mod/skin at all, but have 2 TERRIBLE errors:

    – All parts which are painted automatically according to the color of the truck are PINK ! (as side mirrors, door handles and some of the sun visors as well as certain types of wheels. Even in the video can see that…

    – Moreover, the inscription cabin left / right up (above side windows) is written TOPLAIN literally, instead correct TOPLINE !

    So, again … good MOD, but BAD backlog !

  8. lembnau says:

    Volvo only has L6 engines so the V8 on the skin is… stupid.

  9. Oubeida says:

    thx man i loved this MOD , much much appreciated.

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