BDF Tandem Truck Pack v 45.0


13 trucks: Volvo FH16 2009 and 2012, Scania 2009 and Streamliner, MAN TGX, DAF XF, DAF XF Euro6, Mercedes Benz Actros 09 and 14, Iveco Stralis and Hiway and Renault Premium and Magnum BDF tandems with 7 trailers and 5 cargo boxes v45.0 (04-12-15)

UPDATE: v45.0 (Game version 1.22.x OR ANY LATER version is needed.) 1.22.x ready

* Mercedes Benz Actros, Cabin A has been changed to default version, as now when MB logo is in vanilla game anyway.
* Mercedes Benz Actros, Cabin does not fail on internal toys now.
* All trucks can now have toys without any errors in cabin.
* Wheels and Rims tested (Including possibility to change colours) and no problem found. It should work as well.
* Reflex signs on rear of almost all trailers at the mudflap is removed.
* Texture map (UV-Mapping) has been checked to make sure it is aligned on all cargo boxes
* Texture map (UV-Mapping ) has been checked to make sure it is aligned on all trailer boxes
* All Cargo updated to WOTR cargo as well, which mean you can haul WOTR with tandem trailers.
* All Trailer packs has been updated with new cargo (WOTR) as well as old.
* Universal trailer has been fixed. Until I find the real problem with it, it has the reflex on mudflap back on it.
* Shadow has been fixed under the truck on all 13 trucks. (Thanks to Capital and 50Keda)
* ALL trailer pack below is updated with manifest files, some have changes name slightly, so delete old one and add new one.

Credit: Flemming Vinge, SCS and Blender (with 50keda’s Blender plugin), Huge thanks to jgut and InVTaR for giving me inspiration.


10 thoughts on “BDF Tandem Truck Pack v 45.0

  1. I’m new to this, how do you select to only have one trailer out of this selection and not all of them in the game?

  2. How do you choose just one trailer out of this instead of all of them in the game? thanks

  3. Do not EVER try to go to this company with Tandem! You will see why 🙂
    Review 1080p:

  4. Thanks Flemming Vinge
    I wanted to ask when it will be possible to edit the two sides trailer individually? (to create real texture)
    thank you again and Merry Christmas

  5. scanialover

    Does t work in combination with the Scania T?
    Thanks in advance!
    Kind regards and merry x-mas (&happy new year) a bit early but OK

    1. scanialover

      I will try myself, I am downloading it right now, so fingers crossed (I hope it will work, but my mind says it will not)

  6. V.45.0 cool short lacking the sides of the trailer
    It works perfectly with V.39.0
    maybe it’s my problem?
    thank you

  7. Magnum Legend2012

    Please Renault Magnum Legend

  8. This mod is great but can you make chassis 8×4 but not tandem version?

  9. How do i change it to white?

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