Bennekeben’s Sneepels V8 Sound Mod v 1.0


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Sound Samples Created by Bennekeben.
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Bennekeben’s Sneepels V8 SoundMod v1.0

With this mod im trying for something new…
this is my First attempt of the sneepels v8 scania sound
see the video how it sounds in game..
Best played with Manual shifting so u can really enjoy the whole rpm ratio the engines deliver
ive added some special sound effects to try to simulate as
real as possible but i have some limitations to convert it in a propper way to the game.

To really make the engine rumble, hold it just above 2400rpm.
It will make the nice clapper sound. u have to be under some Load to make that sound work.
when not underload the Rpm on throtle will go to fast and it will activate the Rev sound at 2490rpm.
Rev it in burst or just hold the throttle..will change the revving sounds.

This mod is also completly stand alone ( becides the fact it needs a truck to work)
Stand alone ? u keep your original sounds aswell and
if u allready use a scania sound mod just add the sneepels mod and both sounds will work depending on what engine u choose…!!
it has it own engines and sounds and will not inflict any other sounds mods.

Whats in this mod ?
The V8 Sneepels sound for the scania trucks
3 different engine types with sound for scania model Rcab, Tcab, Streamline, 50Keda
Reworked Sneepels skin by Ghass72 in Black and Customizable colours in the spray shop
Reworked VenTyres wheel with different paints in Sneepels blue,Black,White + Red(stock)

Custom Creations
Stand alone soundmod
Custom created Engine & sounds
for Scania Rcab/Tcab and streamline ,50Keda
3 Engines 680,730,1000 hp
3 Extra coloured Ventyres Sneepels Blue,Black,White
Reworked Black sneepels skin from ghass72
+ Custom Colour changer in the sprayshop

New shift sound
New engine sounds
New air valve sounds
New motorbrake sound
Loud horn
Sneepels Sound conversion from recordings
Special Engine Effect

by Bennekeben

Other truck sounds remain stock sound
Reverse beep
Engine On/Off

by SCS sw.

Most Likely,…I will still update to fine tune more to the real deal..when i have the time for it’
if u have suggestions to help or ask questions feel free to contact @
or @steam BC.mods^^Bennekeben

Bennekeben, ghass72, Ventyres


11 thoughts on “Bennekeben’s Sneepels V8 Sound Mod v 1.0

  1. Κωστας

    Nice! Which graphics mods do you use?

    1. Bennekeben
  2. Now lets side by side comparison that to the real Sneepels… thought I’d give you a reference for your next version….

  3. streamline149

    wanna make that alarm for scania ? 🙂

    1. Bennekeben

      Great idea !
      Consider this Done..
      Grtz B.

  4. les sons ne marche pas c les sons origine scania j’ai que la peinture

  5. @dr_jaymz

    dont get me wrong but i think kriechbaum 7.3 v8 mod is more accurate

  6. beautiful work, but it not worked for me…
    I am not using any sound mod.
    Sorry for my bad english =/

  7. First of all, I love the sound and the fact that only the Sneepels engines use the sound. However, I had an issue with the grills on my Streamline disappearing. Also, your engines don’t have any V8/R730 badges and the engines do not enable the use of the V8 sideskirt or interior on the Streamline. Things to look at for the next version. Keep up the good work, mate.

    1. Bennekeben

      Thanks for the heads up,
      I will fix that, i had some problems with it at first, but , i think at the end i forgot to test that without any other mod active therefor it seemed ok for me :p , feel free to visit the site to make any other bug reports or idea’s,
      that way i will be faster informed , cause i only visit here often.
      im allready working on the update.
      feel free to be a fan and sign up, u will recieve an email at every release i do.

      Grtz B.

  8. This the sound we are waiting for. Hope will be nearly perfect for the upcoming version. Thanks!!

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