Best mod for reduce LAG and increase FPS

Best mod for reduce LAG and increase FPS
Version Beta V 0.1.0
No keyloger or anything
This is verrified
1) Run Windows 10 Optimization // to optimize your PC if you want
2) Run “Speed up PC.bat” with Run As Administrator
3) Run “Start this when game is open.bat” after you start the game
4) Now look at you FPS !!!

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10 thoughts on “Best mod for reduce LAG and increase FPS

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    this is my photo someone uses it without permission

    1. Hello! If you want, I change the photo
      Sorry for this!

    2. what an idiotic mind of yours since when you have to ask permission to use a google photo

      1. EvgenKo423

        Every work is an intellectual property and should have a license. No license means the most strict license (except when it’s defined by website’s user agreement): you have no permissions at all, all rights belong to author.

        1. ##### x 2

        2. iditiotic

  2. this mod stinks

    this has ruined my brightness settings and done some other things that i didnt want changeing

  3. Octavian101

    Has anyone tried this?
    Does it work and is it safe cause I don’t wanna frick with the registry

  4. Загружено: 2019-10-31 15:51:42 (UTC + 2) пользователем Robert125

  5. Best way to improve FPS and optimize lags – its BUY NEW PC!!! Or Upgrade current. And nothing else,

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