Best Physic Mod for v1.25


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Best Physic Mod for v1.25
Test on v.1.25 !
Work with all Trucks.



13 Responses to Best Physic Mod for v1.25

  1. Tim Dorrestijn says:

    Also works with Scania RJL?

    • TWD-76 says:


      • Ronon says:

        It’s not working with RJL only with stock truck’s

        • TWD-76 says:

          I Have RJL. Ist working!!!!

          • Ronon says:

            Open mod navigate to def\vehicle\truck and u will see there is no Rjl scania compatibility

        • TWD76 says:

          Are you ######. I have a RJL and the mod works. You have no idea. End of the discusion

          • Ronon says:

            i did not offended u so chill bro im just pointing a thing i use RJL to since it apear there no Rjl full support just navigate to def\vehicle\truck or is that to hard for u

  2. aleksey says:

    Фисика на прицeп мнe нe панравилась,а вoт на машину в идeалe.Маладeц.

  3. Roman318 says:

    Perfect Mod physics, pity it does not work on the mod VOLVO F Series [F12 – F16].

    • karolis says:

      time to renew your truck dude, now is 2016 year, drive new Volvo and relax 😉

      • Steve says:

        Some of us like the old school trucks, not always the same boring new ones 😉

  4. pablo says:

    Bogdan_uk which flares do you use? 🙂

  5. Stinga says:

    Thanks Bogdan been waiting for this mod update

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