Big Pack Scania Next Gen v1.5

Pack accessories for Scania Next Gen v1.5 contains:

* 9 Steering Wheel Vabis
* 8 Variants DRL for white Light and Yellow Light ( 4 NEW VARIANTS )
* Yellow Light ( many variants)
* Sideskirts 4*2 with LoBar
* Big Sunshield
* A lot of MudFlaps
* Logo Scania 1969
* Variants Logo V8 Box
* 30 Front Little Badges ( Many others soon )

All Accessories are Standalone

Sideskirts Lobar 6*x

FB Page:

HorseeHorse Modding


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2 thoughts on “Big Pack Scania Next Gen v1.5

  1. NielsenTransport

    Can you please make a version of the sideskirts where you delete/remove the stock sidemarker lights so its only the custom picked lights?

  2. bruhmoment

    can you fix the painted fenders so that it doesnt ruin the decal

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