Big Stars Actros/Arocs Fix 1.35

The new version of Big Stars for 1.35 don’t work!!!
Here is the fixed mod!!!

Que pinche dise que funsiona en 1.35 pero no funca!!!
Muy mal, WTD!!!

WTD, Fix by Falex


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4 thoughts on “Big Stars Actros/Arocs Fix 1.35

  1. without any permission……………

  2. TheGreenlightTrucker

    It’s still updated 😉

  3. You shouldn’t play with mods in beta…

  4. Wrong version (compatible_versions set to 1.34.X) was up for a few hours. I’ve replaced the file and most users seem to be happy. …. This was probably downloaded here , before the fixed archive was uploaded. I don’t know.

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