Black Background


Simple mod to change the background color of the Truck Browser and Truck Configurator screens to an almost completely black (bottom part still has some grey in there) . Only purpose is to make a bit easier to take screenshots of your truck configuration and remove the background using photoshop or similar.



5 thoughts on “Black Background

  1. the mod does not work for me

    1. carlitosbahia

      sorry, are you using 1.20.x ? i made it using the files from that version and is the only version where i tested it, don’t know if anything there changed from previous versions
      working fine there for me, you can see the screenshots
      other than that and moving the scs file (not the rar one) to the right mods folder, idk

  2. if you could make this in green this would be great.

    1. carlitosbahia

      sorry, can’t get that to be green, can’t find out how yet, all i can get are grey scale colors, my guess is only works that way from white to black; if black is a issue for the selection because your truck paint has black in it you could try this mid grey version is something more close to a single color (even when is not totally) than the original moving background with waves effect that made harder the background isolation

      1. Faelandaea

        No worries. I managed to get it into the photographer’s “Greenscreen” green for cutting purposes. Thank you for the upload 🙂

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