Blankie Transport Scania 141

Hello This is the offical blankie trans 141 you need to unpack it in jouw modfolder

Blankie Trans


2 thoughts on “Blankie Transport Scania 141

  1. toptrucky please stop the endless stream of ugly skins

  2. Well, IDK what is going on here, but I think this mod is for version 1.30 and not for 1.35 It has ALOT of bugs, texture bugs, no trailer cables, physics are a bit weird,..
    at first i could not get the truck to show up in the dealer, turns out, i had to alter a sii file inside the mod to make it show up in the Scania shop.
    I mean, the mod itself is alright, looks clean, alot of tuning, but it defenitly needs an update.

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