BMW 3 Series E92 M-Tech 1.50

Updated to 1.50

-HQ Model
-Ambient Occlusion
-Real Engine and Transmission Values
-Real Weight Values
-Foot Light (Works with O Key)
-Swinging Fragrance Option
-3 Different Wheel Option
-6 Different Front Grill Option
-2 Different Steering Wheel Option
-2 Different Stop Light Option

Berkay Pekesen


3 thoughts on “BMW 3 Series E92 M-Tech 1.50

  1. Bro has best mods but noone of them are compatible with the new version 😀

  2. Id like it if you make the arrows for the indicators brighter (i hope you know what i mean, the ones on the inside of the car that show you if your indicators are on and on wich side) because when driving i have to look very closely to see that they are on wich is a big problem when driving

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