BMW 530D-M5 TECH 1.45X

-Bugs fixed
-Skins have been improved
– HQ Model
– Ao(Ambiyans Coating)
– 3 Different Sound/Low Medium High Power
– 4 Different Wheels
– Plate option

İsmail Kaan Sarıbıyık-Mert İrşi


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3 thoughts on “BMW 530D-M5 TECH 1.45X

  1. Bmw e46 320d sedan plzz

  2. Murat Turhan (GAME DRİVER)

    Merhaba, mert abi BMW G20 320i veya 318i 2022//2021 modu yapabilir misiniz ?

  3. Andy Baksh

    This MOD worked but it caused several bugs such as the headlights in the game. The car is 50 percent in driving, it drives like a truck and its very hard to control at low speeds. Overall the graphics of the car is really nice when painted in black.

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