BMW 760 xDrive [1.41]

The vehicle is as shown.
Everything Works Active

Faruk Aygun


9 thoughts on “BMW 760 xDrive [1.41]

  1. Василий


  2. guccialessio

    bmw x7 pls

    1. yes pls bwm x7

  3. Let’s see. Missing animations (such as window glass) have not been added and trailer hitch has not been fixed. Neither the dashboard indicators nor the mirrors have been adapted to version 1.40. If nothing is updated or reissued, why do you republish it?

    1. Faruk Aygün

      Everything is working actively except the glass animations, the problem is you.

      1. That’s not being professional towards edsor. Telling him the problem is you. That’s not right as we are your customers who enjoy your mods. But he is right. I’ve used this car mod and I agree with him 100%. Maybe take more time and patience into making the perfect mod. Just like the popular Scout Car for example.

      2. Oh and not to mention the mini map doesn’t show on the car’s infotainment system like other car mods.

  4. Hey, buddy! This is AI traffic. You made a mistake!

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