BMW M5 Touring v 2.3


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Change.log V2.3
Wipers Position fix
stretched textures in interior fixed
roofbox colour changed
added more engines

GRMModding, Klolo901, TruckersMP


18 Responses to BMW M5 Touring v 2.3

  1. GRMModding says:

    if you would like to see something to be added to the mod contact me on this page:

  2. Diablo says:

    HD Test 1.25

    I had switched on HDR have to disable it

  3. Diablo says:

    HD Test 1.25

    I had switched on HDR have to disable it

  4. Mstfcbngl says:

    link is dead

  5. ETS2 MAN says:

    There is too much bright in the glass.

  6. Mstfcbngl says:

    i agree

  7. Patryk80 says:

    Hi, could manage to do sedan

  8. Chris says:

    The game just crash when i try to drive it

  9. erossutrisno says:

    Where I should buy this car…?

  10. V8 Scania Power says:

    Can you please remove the Skoda interior and get a real BMW interior? =)

  11. Thomasus says:

    Nice Mod! You have my respect!
    Bugs i found:
    Big Bugs : -windshield brightness way too high(night is like a day lol)
    – you see day trough windows at night time if you look from outside
    Minor bugs:
    – Window Flags crashing the game
    – Skoda Dash is ok but Dash Display is not adapted!

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