Bolivia Map Mod For ETS2 1.37,1.38

Presenting the Bolivia Map for Euro Truck Simulator 2
The map of Bolivia will contain the following cities:
You will also have off-GPS tourist routes to explore and visit such as the famous UYUNI salt flats. We also want to add at the end two cities of PERU which could be AREQUIPA-LIMA.

This Map Contains:
-Hill Roads
-Off Roads
-Realistic Bolivian Landscape

– Stand alone Map
– New profile
– Work On ETS2 1.37 to 1.38

Download Save Profile For Bolivia Map:

Map Review Video:

Here Is Map Official Site Link:

Team Bolivia Map


3 thoughts on “Bolivia Map Mod For ETS2 1.37,1.38

  1. why is everyone making south america mods?

  2. Octavian101

    Here’s some advice: DON”T TRY IT. It’s a big waste of time.

    To explain how bad this map is imagine garbage then multiply it by 10 and the result is this map.

  3. tibo de nie

    the map could be a bit better

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