Bonus Engine v 4.4


Used vovangt4 transmission and engines added:
* DAF XF new engines (950HP, 1500HP, 1545 Kw)
* Added 16Gear_all_SCS_Trucks_by_adi2003de transmissions (18 Gear Heavy Weight Transmission Included)
* MAN TGX (rpm/adblue) engine: D2868 552 kW (680 hp) Tuned
* Mercedes Actros (rpm/adblue in enginde definition)
* Changed some engine info for Iveco Hiway

If comment problem then write which truck and engine/transmissions has problem

Authors: Human, SCS, Stewen, araujo and araripe, adi2003de, vovangt4


5 Responses to Bonus Engine v 4.4

  1. Jason says:

    Everytime I try to use the volvo, it just freeezes up using the latest version 1.22.2

  2. Mark says:

    The same here. Volvo FH 2012 end the 1700 hp engine. It’s the same with the 1000 hp engine.

  3. smiegs says:

    no engine no gearbox..and Volvo yes engine but no working

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