Bring Logistics Tandem Skin V1.28

This is a well made skin for the BDF Tandem pack from Flemming V, It will not work without it. Give it higher priority to work !

Happy Trucking ?

Kacperth Workshop, Flemming V


5 thoughts on “Bring Logistics Tandem Skin V1.28

  1. slicedgolf

    hello can you make video how to make tandem skins pls

  2. There is no need for this since it is so basic to skin it, all you have to do is change the to whatever you want as save it.

  3. Yes, and how to do, when the Mod is closed ??? LOL

    1. Yes, it is not rocket science to create a few folders or unlock it with DART.

  4. Can you make a white version aswell?

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