Brutal environment Gold SE (Second edition) 1.20.X patch


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Key Aspects of the Brutal environment Gold SE 1.20.X patch version:

Enhanced gaming Experience

01: Faster FPS (10%) than of factory default game!
02: Reduced Traffic
03: together with motion clouds -aurora bolaris, -rainbow, and -moon in skybox
04: running operation without errors and warnings
05: many many surprise
06: Inserting PETERBILT 389 (credits : dmitry68, Stas556) – Searching Truck dealer DAF!
08: Inserting WESTERN STAR 5700 (credits : Fabio Contier) – Searching Truck dealer MAN!
09: Inserting KENWORTH T800 (credits : RustyRagdoll) – Searching Truck dealer MERCEDES!
10: Repaired textures, and skripts, sounds, and fixed bug & ALL errors report…

This ONLY game version 1.20.x!

Recommended settings:


This version yellow road lines.

If usage white road line:
delete material/road/ or rename material/road/ to and overwrite.

my lines version white:
material/road/ (not use game this form)

my lines version yellow:
material/road/ (not use game this form)

game use form.

Stewen, CskSimßnGabi , tagagaba53 and prohardver forum users & testers.


19 thoughts on “Brutal environment Gold SE (Second edition) 1.20.X patch

  1. Stewen, please can I use truck transmissions in bonus engine mod.
    Send me email or post here… [email protected]

    1. use all script, sounds, textures.
      I did not use a password brother.

  2. cool if all popular american truck are included ….

    k100,Kenworth International 9800i,Kenworth K100 Cabine Alongada Edit Geovane Rocha,Kenworth_Long-Stas556_dmitry68_fix,T660 and T2000,Kenworth_W900aRC_dmitry68-Stas556, can add

    1. and ofcourse Fr_Argosy_Cat_8x4_3x

      1. Not all american truck good.
        to big models and many error scripts.
        game not like too big models and send “warning” messages…
        This some truck could use worthwhile.

  3. Jerry090460

    Congratulation guys for the fantastic job , cheers and thanks for the release ! 🙂

  4. Stewen, how to remove your loading screen, thank ..

    1. Brutal loading screen : material/ui/loading/*.* ( all directory and files)


    Hi Stewen, thanks for one of the best mods out there, I was wondering if it’s possible or too complicated to turn off your trailers in the game, they take up at least 50% of the trailers, so my jazzycat trailer mod is almost useless. Thanks for your reply.

    1. my brutal engine Trailers not edited scripts.
      Only replaced Ets2 original trailer textures.
      If use Jazzy cat trailer pack and first priority the mod manager, overwrite brutal trailer textures, If not running the jazzy cat Sripted error problem..

  6. Metaltom68

    Another Uploader Please

  7. Hey Stewen is there a way to just get the 5700 on its own?

  8. Hey, I really enjoy the graphic changes, but I am not a big fan of the trucks. Is there a way to not replace the original trucks?

    1. Not use.
      Used Included American trucks my brutal engine “facultative”.

      1. It’s just the handling of the trucks. They don’t really turn very well at low speed…

  9. Congratulation very good .

  10. Hey,+I+really+enjoy+the+graphic+changes,+but+I+am+not+a+big+fan+of+the+trucks.+Is+there+a+way+to+not+replace+the+original+trucks?

  11. esteban silva

    funcionara para version

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