Brutal Environment HD and Sound Engine Gold 2015 1.22.x by Stewen

Brutal-Environment-HD-and-Sound-Engine-Gold-1 Brutal-Environment-HD-and-Sound-Engine-Gold-2 Brutal-Environment-HD-and-Sound-Engine-Gold-3

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Key Aspects of the Brutal environment Gold 1.22.X patch version:

Enhanced gaming Experience

01: Faster FPS (10%) than of factory default game
02: Good traffic lifelike, less truck several cars new setting.
03: Includes PETERBILT 389 Searching Truck dealer DAF! (credits : dmitry68, Stas556)
05: Includes WESTERN STAR 5700 Searching Truck dealer MAN! (credits : Fabio Contier)
06: Includes KENWORTH T800 Searching Truck dealer MERCEDES! (credits : RustyRagdoll)
07: Includes 4 American trucks towing capacity from 100 Tons! (use my 3500 HP engine)
08: Includes American Trailers (Black & White) 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100 Ton
09: Includes Pack disks with tires for all Trucks (credits : Anatoly 7469)
10: Repaired all light system AI & night lamps, traffic lamps lifelike
11: Repaired textures, and skripts, sounds, and fixed bug & errors report
12: Running operation without errors and warnings
13: Many surprise

This ONLY game version 1.22.x!

If usage other mod, may be losing faster FPS, and many other settings which increases playability enhanced gaming experience!

Recommended settings:


This version yellow road lines.

If usage white road line:
delete material/road/ or rename material/road/ to and overwrite.

my lines version white:
material/road/ (not use game this form)

my lines version yellow:
material/road/ (not use game this form)

game use form.

Stewen, CskSimßnGabi , tagagaba53, and prohardver forum users & testers.

DOWNLOAD 991 MB Brutal Environment HD engine
DOWNLOAD 301 MB Brutal Environment SOUND engine
DOWNLOAD 79 KB Brutal External Volume UP
DOWNLOAD 97 KB Brutal Adviser
DOWNLOAD 77 KB Brutal 121 M Euro
DOWNLOAD 75 KB Brutal Level 44
DOWNLOAD 101 KB Brutal No Damage

62 thoughts on “Brutal Environment HD and Sound Engine Gold 2015 1.22.x by Stewen

  1. Thank you very much for your events!

  2. Mak-Kyver

    Can you do only Graphic mod (without trailers and trucks)
    and separate extras like you did those other things..

    1. Extra truck and trailers the use is not mandatory.
      Included why disorder?

      1. because they cause mod conflicts all over the place. crashes, red textures. would it be so hard to have a environment file and a optional truck/trailer mod. this would bring the size of the d/l file and ppl who want both would still be able to do so

        1. Use only my “Brutal” not conflict default game, runing without warning and errors.
          other moder, not interested in working my brutal conflict, me do not care conflict with another moder works .

          1. you havent answered the question though. why can you not put the trucks and extras into an optional file. really dont get why evewn though a number of people have asked this, you refuse to do it. Its no extra work and suits everyone

          2. the moder is not slave. They work for free, and what they get in return? Permanent wishes, so it is not good is not good.
            Is free is not good, going you better do not use.

          3. can u change to another way for download? thx bro

    1. cannot download the file Brutal Environment HD engine

    2. Thanks Stewen for Brutal Adviser repaired…
      Its working now like a charm…

  3. whats new Brutal Environtment sound engine on patch 1.22 .. ? or just adapted ? thanks stewen.. sorry my english is bad

    1. New the trailer connected sound and adapted default truck engine sound scripts, because the parameters do not have a good sound because physis new parameter damage the default engine sounds.

  4. Nelson Burotto

    i love your mod is the best but wy do not rain i play many hours an adjust the rain at half but never rain what happen is my computer or the mod.
    thanks a lot for the hard work continue like this.

    1. bad weather in brutal setting = storm cloud not rain, storm cloud low rain, storm cloud strong rain, every hours random.

  5. Please i love ur mod, but can you delete the trailers or separate. I just want the textures. Not the trailers. They are horrible black and white.
    Pleaseeeeee 🙁 i search a texture i dont find

    1. Black trailer color texture: vehicle/trailer_eu/us_trailer_a/texture/

      White trailer color texture: vehicle/trailer_eu/us_trailer_b/texture/

  6. Hi mate. Thanks for this awesome mod but I want to delete Brutal’s container picture ? how can i do that ? I dont like girls on container. Thanks.

    1. Brutal trailer pictures “remastered” default game trailer pictures.

      1. My mistake. I dont know English much. I dont want this pictures;

        I cant see this trailer pictures on default game.


  7. I’m sorry I dont know much english. I dont want this pictures;


    1. delete Brutal trailer pictures,,,
      vehicle/trailer_eu/company/ *.* (all files…)
      this only trailer textures.

      1. Thank you so much ^^

  8. Rodrigo .B

    Kenworth t800 (credits: Rusty Ragdoll)
    rear view mirror right that can not regulate when I try to regulate, always points to wrong location

    Thank you, Stewen perfect mod


  9. Please provide the Graphic mod without trailers and trucks, as there are problems with the trailer packs of Jazzycat.

    Thank you,

    1. sorry this problem,,, but jazyy cat trailer pack, many many other problem. 🙂

      1. OK, because with their Graphic Mod lack of Truck and Bus AI traffic.
        I have allotted all Mod packs of Jazzycat in the mod list, higher priority, but unfortunately no success.

        1. AI bus truck traffic brutal setting strong….
          stronger than factory settings,,,

  10. I want to download a graphics mod, not a load of trailers…

  11. Hi mate. Can you make this American trailers for just American trucks ? Thanks.

  12. please read me… “Key Aspects of the Brutal environment Gold 1.22.X patch version :”

  13. so where is this so called video

    1. my youtube chanel.

      Brutal Environment videos.

  14. Hi,

    1.22.x is crashing the game whenever I buy new truck and it comes up for display in the parking lot. Game also crashes when I go to sleep in garage.


    1. just for you

  15. direct link as i cant see the 1.22.x can see for older ones and useless stuff

  16. ok i downloaded it to find out for myself and all it dose is crash the game so i give up with euro truck as ever since new patch the game has gone rubbish

    1. if you crash your game’s fault, not my engine.
      study game.log.txt
      my brutal topic, does not Do not litter

  17. Wow aren’t you Mr moody why folk further up were saying the same about it crashing and I got no mods on the game used to love your mod but idk whats up yours with plus lose them silly trailers nobody likes and stop thinking your like gods fart little man or should I say boy

    1. #### you slave

      1. Pökhendi kis köcsög.

        1. rólam beszélsz? vagy róla? nem ez az első paraszt aki a topikomba visszajár fikázni és nem létező hibákról beszélni,,,, az utóbbi időben ez a legújabb sport. azután ha game.log.txt analizálást kérek a válasz már semmi. sőt még az sem. épp elegen teszteltük hogy tudjuk hibátlan ez a cucc, és épp elég ideig fejlesztettem 2 év alatt hogy tudjam sajnos a közönség akiknek bejön lassan elveszti ezt az ingyenes kegyet mert a tököm tele van már a sok csürhe parasztal. nem valószínű hogy lesz 1.23. vagy ha lesz az csak magamnak és pár közeli fejlesztő és tesztelő embernek akik velem együtt dolgoztak és nem a faszukat verték más topikjában. vágod?

          1. Ne vedd magadra Stewen! Mindig voltak és lesznek ilyen idióták. Nagyon örülök a modnak, ez az egyik kedvenc játékom. Köszönöm szépen részemről, hogy megosztottad, biztos vagyok benne, hogy rengeteg időt töltöttél el vele és remélem a hozzám hasonló emberek kedvéért megosztod majd velünk az elkövetkező verziókhoz frissített változatokat is. 🙂

  18. The differents zooms for background map does not works ok on my pc because the new background map inserted for this new version.

    For those with the same problem remove folder ‘map’ into \material\ui path ( can open the .scs with winrar), but create a backup copy before.

    thx for keep the mod open, Stewen

  19. therefore open.
    you are very welcome.

  20. Akash Nair

    Unable todownload from sharemods. Can you upload to google drive please?

    1. sorry… this version LAST Brutal 1.22
      development completed…

      It was quite a lot of slander, to many lies not moderated admins.


      I’ m sorry.

      Brutal environments HD and sound engines THE END.

  21. 1337_Trucker

    Dat download speed is 1337 bro.

  22. Luop_Blanc98

    I downloaded Butal Environment HD engine but µI don’t have the engine sound… Do you know why, please ?? Thanks 😉

  23. Szia Stewen!
    Nem mondhatom meg, hogy mit tegyél, illetve mit ne tegyél. De azt megtehetem, hogy tovább bátorítalak-nyugtatlak, hogy folytasd a kiváló munkádat. Én az a korosztály vagyok, aki értékeli a jó munkát és a belefektetett energiát, nem azok közé tartozom, akik csak letöltögetik az ingyenes modokat, és utána fikázzák. Ez számomra is rettenetesen felháborító és megértem ha felhúzod rajta magad. Valószínűleg én is ezt tenném a helyedben. Honnan veszik ezek gyíkarcúak a bátorságot, hogy így beszéljenek? Nem ezt érdemled ennyi év után! Ha letöltötte és nem tetszik, kitörli és kész. Esetleg javasol valamit, amit Te vagy megteszel vagy nem. De akkor sem a gúnyolódás és lehúzás a megoldás, ráadásul nem így! Legalább írna normálisan, ami valamiféle intelligenciára utalna (mondatszerkesztés). Szóval én azt mondom, bár természetesen nincs ebbe beleszólásom, hogy folytasd tovább a munkát! Nagyon jól csinálod és sokkal többen vannak akik értékelik, mint akik nem!
    Üdv.: Deby

  24. DaGamer21

    Hi Stewen Brutal Sound Engine is a Compressed Folder how to convert it to .SCS to enable it in game ????? i need guide or

  25. I have to put all of these parts >?

  26. Hallo kannst du nicht die Peterbilt 389 und WESTERN STAR 5700
    und MACK TITAN V8 und KENWORTH T800 weil das ist doch schausse wen man da nichts anderes mahen kann

  27. If you guys want to remove the modded trucks, heavy trailers, skins, and wheels in this, Here is how:

    1. Open the Brutal-Environment-HD-ENGINE-Gold-2015-1.22.x-by-Stewen file with 7-zip

    2. Delete the \vehicles\ folder completely in the root directory

    3. Open \Def\ Folder and delete these 4 items

    \Cargo\ Folder
    \vehicle\ Folder

    4. Close out of z-7ip and load the game

    5. Enjoy your better graphics without the Trailer Skins, Wheels, and Heavy American Trucks and Trailers that were originally in this.

    6. This mod should now be compatible with Jazzycat’s trailer packs

  28. John Hedgecoe

    Have to agree with many of the posters asking for a separation of the graphics mod from the trucks and other included mods. Make them separate optional addon mods.
    As it is now, Brutal Env. is conflicting with so many other mods that I have had to remove it completely from my ETS2 game.

    1. I listed how to fix it

      I’m using Brutal HD with both trucksim Map aand promods on seperate profiles, and also its compatible with all of jazzycats trailers and ai vehicles just fine.

  29. will leave mod graphic to version 1.23 ??

  30. Link doesnt work for me, link is outdated. Is it possible to fix that?

    Thank you

  31. Ahmet Özkul

    Links are dosen’t working dipshit. Why are you delete all ?

  32. will leave mod graphic to version 1.23x ??

  33. Juan Manuel


  34. Juan Manuel

    link fallen brother

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