Brutal Environment HD engine 2.1


This Graphic engine ETS2
ALL TSM map!


DOWNLOAD 193 MB yellow road lines
DOWNLOAD 193 MB white road lines

35 Responses to Brutal Environment HD engine 2.1

  1. DanCoreRS says:

    wo ist der hase ??

  2. kalo2011 says:

    stewen,what about pro mod map?
    try to focus on trees…..

  3. DanCoreRS says:

    where do you find the hare?

  4. MaxSenz says:

    good video lol :))))))))))
    i like this mod…

  5. DanCoreRS says:

    TSM Map ?

  6. debysanyi says:

    Aranyos videó, szép munka!

  7. Grandpa says:

    I love the rabbit.What about deers ?

  8. Stewen says:

    I love the deer too 🙂

  9. Sarkissian says:

    What about a couple of elephants??
    I love them!!

  10. Stewen says:

    …nature always wins over the machines…

  11. asr-2565 says:

    With Sveetfh will work?

  12. asr-2565 says:

    With Sveetfx will work?

  13. TaiwanOCZ says:

    1.4 still better Version
    Light not good or u can say:TSM 4.5 can use “HD 2”

  14. Angelo says:

    Thanks Stewen, great mod 🙂

  15. ovidiu says:

    but promods map work?

  16. ovidiu says:

    np Steween

  17. ovidiu says:

    pretty please can you link the sound that you possess?

  18. ovidiu says:

    engine that you use it at Scania.

  19. ovidiu says:

    Thank Stewen for Link’s super sound

  20. Lukas says:

    Work on

  21. juneau says:

    stewen can u tell me how to keep the original bloom setting? coz this mod disable it right?

    • Stewen says:

      Original Bloom setting def\world\detail_vegetation.sii

      # Global detail vegetation data definition

      detail_vegetation_data : .grass {

      density: 35 min_distance: 0.5
      max_distance: 105

      # for prefabs
      model_scale_tweak_coef: 1.0
      density_tweak_coef: 1


      My setting:

      density: 30

      best regards


      • juneau says:

        sorry stewen but i have try this and it doesnt seem working. is it bcoz i also use ProMods 1.52?

        • Stewen says:

          it is working. take it off and look at the value of density : 10 as slowing down your computer.
          lower floors of several plants greater value less plant.

  22. adinhoa says:

    Could you remove bro these wheels please? 🙂

  23. SIMOS says:

    fps drops plz !! fix

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