Brutal environment HD + SOUND engine Gold 1.26.X


Enhanced gaming Experience

01: Faster FPS (10%) than of factory default game
02: Good traffic lifelike, less truck several cars new setting.
03: Includes PETERBILT 389 Searching Truck dealer DAF! (credits : dmitry68, Stas556)
05: Includes WESTERN STAR 5700 Searching Truck dealer MAN! (credits : Fabio Contier)
06: Includes KENWORTH T800 Searching Truck dealer MERCEDES! (credits : RustyRagdoll)
07: Includes VOLVO VNL 670 Searching Truck dealer VOLVO! (credits : many good moders)
08: Includes 4 American trucks towing capacity from 100 Tons! (use my 3500 HP engine)
09: Includes American Trailers (Black & White) 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100 Ton
10: Includes Pack disks with tires for all Trucks (credits : Anatoly 7469)
11: Repaired all light system AI & night lamps, traffic lamps lifelike
12: Repaired textures, and skripts, sounds, and fixed bug & errors report
13: Running operation without errors.

This ONLY game version 1.26.x!

If usage other mod, may be losing faster FPS, and many other settings which increases playability enhanced gaming experience!

Recommended settings:


This version yellow road lines.

If usage white road line:
delete material/road/ or rename material/road/ to and overwrite.

my lines version white:
material/road/ (not use game this form)

my lines version yellow:
material/road/ (not use game this form)

game use form.

(If you do not like a certain part, delete, and let’s play)

Stewen, and prohardver forum users & testers.

DOWNLOAD 1.38 GB Brutal Environment HD + Sound engine gold 1.26.x
DOWNLOAD 77 K B 121 Million euros
DOWNLOAD 76 KB Brutal adviser
DOWNLOAD 75 KB Level 44
DOWNLOAD 98 KB No damage

11 Responses to Brutal environment HD + SOUND engine Gold 1.26.X

  1. Pucho67 says:

    Vale para 1.25?

  2. 1203 says:

    Спасибо ???

  3. Mak-Kyver says:

    is it possivle get this without any trucks??? just graphics… or maybe even i option where is only graphics

  4. TWD76 says:

    Game crash in Paris.

  5. human says:

    Make to pack graphic only and trucks add on pack if wish add them

  6. Psychol says:

    Why you add truck to mod?

  7. Slump says:

    Game crashes anywhere except for south-England for me

  8. roberrrto77 says:

    Nie mam ruchu innych pojazdów

  9. rock says:

    no traffic!!!

  10. Zayyoz_ETS2 says:

    support addon map?

  11. Turbo says:

    Please put a new download link, mega is ####.

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