Bus Freightliner F65 v 1.0

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American bus Freightliner F65 or School Bus

– Sold in the IVECO Auto Show
– Dyed in various colors
– Selection of engines
– Choice of gearbox
– Tuning, you can add passengers of school children
– TV (you can add your own video, by default there is a collection of ENIGMA video clips)
– for version 1.31.x

Virtual Trucker, Stas556, Dmitry68, H.Trucker, Remix, sdonbass18


4 thoughts on “Bus Freightliner F65 v 1.0

  1. dear can you create Toyota micro bus

  2. kan je alsjeblieft de motorkap spiegels maken ze zijn niet te zien als je binnen zit

    1. OooogaBoooga

      In america, these buses don’t have spoilers in the back. Just a little suggestion. 🙂

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