Bus Station for 1.31 [UPDATE]

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– FIXED Bugs

Info about mod:
This mods adds passengers jobs for Buses in the Bus Station of the main game.
Now you can transport passengers with buses from one terminal to another.

You need have all DLC to perfectly work!

Compatible buses: Man Lion Coach 6×2 ; modshop, linux, fabiocontier buses.

For game version 1.31.x

This mod have 2 parts! For correct work you must download all 2 parts!

BR Mods, Ghost99, SCS


35 Responses to Bus Station for 1.31 [UPDATE]

  1. licinio says:

    A parte 2 nao aparece na pasta mod

    • BR Mods says:

      It’s okay, if you activate part 1, part 2 will be activate automatically 🙂

      • BR Mods says:

        Only you need have part 1 and part 2 in mod folder..

      • Venkatesh says:

        Part 2 file is not exist in this domain, it shows file is expired, then how can I activate the second Part?

    • TruckSimMods says:

      Test Video 1.31 HD + Bus: MAN Lion Coach 6×2 Eurolines

  2. licinio says:


  3. BR Mods says:

    Note: If you download all 2 parts but in game is showing only 1 part it is okay. Activate part 1 and part 2 will be activate automatically.

    Only you need have all 2 parts in mod folder.

  4. hemwansasu15 says:

    How do I install this mod

  5. Marshall says:

    with all dlc you mean ?

  6. Ujang says:

    this mod support with promods map??

  7. Muszek says:

    AWESOME !! soo gooood mod! Thanks

  8. Edivad says:

    Good mod, I have bus terminal on the map and the passengers into the job’s list but when I arrive at the terminal I can’t connect the passengers. I clash against the icon. For connect I must to get the passenger by reversing. Is it normal? (ex: Dortmund). Thanks

    • BR Mods says:

      Hi, thank you for report we will check it. It’s a new mod, it can contain bugs… If you can connect passengers it’s okay.

  9. anonymus says:


  10. Cosmic Korg says:

    Whitch Lions Coach Mod do you use it Doesn´t work

  11. Martin Löbel says:

    Whitch Lions Coach mod do you use it doesnt work

  12. Alin says:

    The game does not load after putting this mod. What’s wrong?

  13. Renato says:

    WARNING: not all buses are compatible with this mod, only buses from Modshop, Linux, Fábio Contier. Other buses won’t be able to get the passengers

  14. VelesM198 says:

    Very nice mod! Would be great if i could pick up passengers by driving up natural way, not backing up into the spot, but it’s a great start none the less.

  15. fullxpert says:

    какие ещё моды на автобусы доступные для этой карты?

  16. samet says:

    fransa ve italya dlclerim yok çalışırmı acaba ?

  17. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. Great Map Addon but, I am having a few problems. A lot of the road signs are missing their letters, I am unable to get thru any tollbooths in Italy due to the icons to trigger the tollgates/barriers is missing. Can any player confirm these problems? Thanks.

  18. Kei says:

    it’s mod support with promods, rusmap, sr 7.2 and the Eastern Express 10.10???

  19. Tomek says:

    Can it be modified in any way to require only scandinavia and going east dlc?

  20. RadoBG says:

    I cant connect the passengers to the bus. I have all map dlc and correctly installed the two parts. I am reversing to ake them I am doing everything to go in the line to attach them but no luck. I have to use the zero camera to spawn on it and the passengers attach themselves to the bus.

  21. kaungsettaung says:

    I have only scanviada and orginal map

    But doesnt work
    Please help

  22. Yogesh says:

    Does this works with Mario map please reply

  23. Ricardo says:

    con cual concecionario funciona

  24. Stanley says:

    does it work with marcopolo g7 buses

  25. CaptAbyzou says:

    Is this going to update for 1.32.x.x? This is really awesome mod ! Cheers for the creator !

  26. katie08cd says:

    please update 1.32 and other people set bus station to high priority

  27. Uri says:

    Hi BR Mods, Do this mod will be update for 1.32?

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