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Bus Station Mod


Tested On 1.3.1 V2 Version Coming.. With Passengers

ArifDesign / νσℓνo


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19 Responses to Bus Station Mod

  1. hicham says:

    is this a bus mod?? we need a whole mod just for buses with stations in every city and passengers as cargo and different buses with interior ! that would be awesome

  2. admin says:

    Password: ArifDesign

  3. mesut says:

    bu nerde çıkıyo bulamadım otogarı ??

  4. Baryla_27 says:

    What is the location of the bus station ??

  5. trucklove says:

    where this town is located?

  6. mybb says:

    unnecessary and very simple.! İt’s fun.

  7. Lars says:

    ARE YOU NUTS!!!! On the other forum, some of the beta testers show us this. And this will come as new feature in 1.4 patch. YOU PUT BETA TEST FILES FROM SCS AS A MOD!?! Jesus…!

    • Sarkissian says:

      Wel, atleast he has the balls to do it!

      • hex says:

        If you’re here because you like ETS2 then I would’ve thought you would want SCS to keep supporting it and making more. If what’s on this download page is actually SCS beta files that some ##### has released it has the opposite effect, especially on a small independent game developer.
        It doesn’t take balls, it takes stupidity and no interest in any future releases from SCS.

  8. Pande says:

    waaaww kya’n keren neey.. Bus mod’n pakai yang mana kah?? ga sekalian di publish 4 trial :-P?

  9. nino says:

    this sucks you cant drive in on the bus station the entrence is to high stupid mod

  10. sky76 says:

    SoGood …

  11. juan says:

    need the link please

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