Bus Stations Updated for 1.31, 1.30

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– Now working also on version 1.30
– Fixed some reported bugs on 1.31


Compatible buses : Man Lion Coach 6×2 ; modshop ; linux ; fabiocontier buses.

This mods adds passengers jobs for Buses in the Bus Station of the main game. Now you can transport passengers with buses from one terminal to another.
You need all the MAP DLCs to work this mod perfectly.

For correct work you need download all 2 parts!


PART 1: https://www.up-4.net/mc5d8n14pu42
PART 2: https://www.up-4.net/t52hk8vhobi8

BR Mods, SCS


17 Responses to Bus Stations Updated for 1.31, 1.30

  1. PitbullTasja says:

    can not download from up4ever, it keeps saying after captcha check that session is expired.

  2. ross gillies says:

    Dont want your adware extensions. Take a hike tosser!!

  3. matty2703 says:

    it doesn’t work… i open ets and my profile and the game crush!! 🙁

    • Gawd damnit says:

      You don’t have any/some of the DLC. It requires all of the map DLC.

      • nes says:

        Same to me, it doesn’t work, and I have the full game with all the dlcs installed. This mod need to be fixed.

  4. ron says:

    use sharemods like everyone else #######….

  5. BR Mods says:


  6. germinus says:

    Have to agree with everyone else, why use such an upload site its full of adware!! I will post share mods links in a few. No doubt will get deleted tho.

  7. PitbullTasja says:

    Thx for the new links everyone

  8. mullerjorge05 says:


  9. anirudh says:


  10. Matthew Howell says:

    can you please upload somewhere else???

  11. prog77 says:

    invisible wall bug to the terminal station when you try to pick up passengers.. during the maneuver to approach the area with the flashing vertical arrow, it’s like you’re going to crash against a trailer.
    Please fix it

  12. katie08cd says:

    please update 1.32

  13. Uri says:

    Please developers, update to 1.32.

    Do will be update to 1.32? someone? 🙁

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