Bus Stations v 2.0 – Update

– Fixed crashes in some cities
– More passengers jobs
– Fixed errors

Working on versions: 1.32.x., 1.31.x.

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14 Responses to Bus Stations v 2.0 – Update

  1. Vlad says:


  2. martin5912017 says:

    downloaded a corrupted file twice then gave up
    time waster

  3. This is turning into a flippin’ Bus Simulator.
    Go buy Omsi or some other Bus sim, there’s a s**tload of them

    • Uri says:

      Nop, we want buses on ETS2, if you like or dislike you we don´t care your opinion, if you don’t like don´t play it, don´t tell us what we have to do, let us live

  4. Mai says:

    Bus station for promods map pliz

  5. martin5912017 says:

    click bate

  6. martin5912017 says:

    click bait

  7. Wai phyo naing says:

    Not working link

  8. tanaka says:

    not working, im not find bus company in every bus station

  9. Uri says:

    I was excited, but … IT DOES NOT WORK :O

  10. Rodrigo says:

    É compatível com o Mapa EAA?

    Is it compatible with the EAA Map?

  11. John says:

    need all dlc or not?
    Maybe 1.33?

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