Bus Stations v 2.0 – Update

– Fixed crashes in some cities
– More passengers jobs
– Fixed errors

Working on versions: 1.32.x., 1.31.x.

BR Mods


16 thoughts on “Bus Stations v 2.0 – Update

    1. It’s working but only with few buses 🙂

      1. Arthas8496

        Yes it’s truth

  1. martin5912017

    downloaded a corrupted file twice then gave up
    time waster

  2. This is turning into a flippin’ Bus Simulator.
    Go buy Omsi or some other Bus sim, there’s a s**tload of them

    1. Nop, we want buses on ETS2, if you like or dislike you we don´t care your opinion, if you don’t like don´t play it, don´t tell us what we have to do, let us live

  3. Bus station for promods map pliz

  4. martin5912017

    click bate

  5. martin5912017

    click bait

  6. Wai phyo naing

    Not working link

  7. not working, im not find bus company in every bus station

  8. I was excited, but … IT DOES NOT WORK :O

  9. É compatível com o Mapa EAA?

    Is it compatible with the EAA Map?

  10. need all dlc or not?
    Maybe 1.33?

  11. update to 1.35. please

  12. its only #### links..world of tanks, bet, etc…upload it to google drive or sharemods or other normal site…CANT DOWNLOAD IT!!!!!!

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