Canada Map v 0.2.1

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New locations new roads, compatibility with all DLC .

ivan mykyta


15 thoughts on “Canada Map v 0.2.1

  1. heavygamer70

    Still only 3 cities to chose from by creating new profile? That’s a joke.
    First version was already same, nothing new, exept some roads.
    Deleted forever.

    1. ivanmykyta11

      a new profile is not needed, the city is only one, the rest of the village, together 5 !, no one owes nothing to anyone, that’s, you want to make yourself 1000 cities?, and here people share amateur modifications.Do you want a scale? do it yourself ,have a good time

      1. Neogranadino

        Thank you for your effort and for sharing this with all of us. We appreciate your work!!

        1. ivanmykyta11


      2. Stephen Butler

        I agree, Ivan. Well said. All the best, Stephen

  2. Are DLC’s mandatory for this map to work? I really need to know cuz this map sounds like a lot of fun ;D

  3. ivanmykyta11

    DLC scandinavia ,France,Italy ,these models are on the map

  4. Hey, It’s a great map. Just wondering If you have any plan for the ATS version. Or a new Canada map for ATS?

    1. ivanmykyta11

      I think that this is inevitable, the map needs American traffic and , as well as signs of the house, while above Labrador it is possible to work in the ets2 and, Until we reached the big cities

  5. cant wait to get this installed as it looks great.
    Thank you for sharing your work

    1. ivanmykyta11


  6. darkexplorer64

    Honestly this map exceeded all my expectations. Very good!!! HD Test:

    1. ivanmykyta11

      Thank you, I’m glad that on the map you can just relax unhurriedly to the music to guide your 400 -500 .. horses, for this canada the map, is done

  7. Can u plz tell us what graphics mod u have used?

  8. Oud Staal

    Like the mod. There is one problem, after gettin my garage, de game stops totaly, so after one delivery. And no other mods are installed. What can it be.

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