Cat C15 sound for the Peterbilt 379


Hi all
Here’s my C15 engine sound for the Pet 379.
It’s an all in one, entire truck with sound. Can be found at Man
Also, i fixed the problem who made the game crashing with the
Peterbilt 389. Now it’s fully 100% compatible with all trucks.
A big thanks to Zolee who made this truck so shiny !
And of course to Conte and Stas556.
Reverse sound is from my friend JujuQcTrucker.



22 thoughts on “Cat C15 sound for the Peterbilt 379

  1. gneisneau

    Awesome many thanks !!!!!!!

    Super boulot merci à toi

  2. ThePlayer

    how can i buy this truck from 0 level ?

  3. HorkayZolee

    I’m glad that there are who proceed to work!

  4. the side marker lights dont work,when i click to add them nothing shows up,any thoughts?

  5. Great.!!!

  6. The external sound good. But only in a vacuum machine.
    If it were not turbo,I think that the motor has stopped. Sorry.

  7. kriechbaum

    Thanks all, And for Klever, i can understand that the turbo is loud, but in reality it’s like this. Here’s a C15 550 pulling heavy, pedal to the metal @1500rpm

    Sounds close to mine, windows are up, of course 😉

    See u.

  8. For which version is this mod ?

  9. HorkayZolee

    Peterbilt 379 Final

  10. kriechbaum

    Yes it’s (like i said in description) THE ENTIRE TRUCK.

    Tested on

    Should work on previous version too until 1.6, may be 1.4 (not tested)


  11. Hi Kriechbaum, Thank you fix this problem.

  12. tyrannix2342

    The turbine in the cabin for a very hisses.
    After a while, it becomes a nuisance.

  13. fishy1775

    the side marker lights dont work,when i click to add them nothing shows up,. Am I missing a mod?

  14. Kalash156

    Nice truck, sounds awesome, as usual from kriechbaum. Hope somebody updates the interior textures – can barely read the tachometer, not to mention all the other gauges. The outside of the truck looks perfect though.

  15. if u have the kenworth w900l exstended,remove it then put ur lights on and when done add it back in,thats how i got my lights to show up

  16. tomcat214

    how do i get this to work. i have both the truck and the sound file in my game but i just have the ingame sound when i drive it.

  17. it works great but after 5 or 6 times of playing the exhaust brake isnt making any sound now. it works but there is no sound anymore

  18. i try this mod with version 1.9.22 and don’t seem to work is it just me or the mod is not compatible

  19. patrickbarton

    My dad my grandpa and my self drive a 379 all with c15s and the sound is dead on so will all of stop whining like a turbo

  20. Whats the lvel needed to this #### truck?!

  21. TruckerGirl

    I tried this with 1.10.1 and game loaded. tried to buy it at the MAN dealer and game kept crashing ;(
    I love the Peterbilt as my late father used to drive one. Can it be fixed for 1.10.1?

  22. I m a big fan of 379 but i have the sound of man what u think is the problem.

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