Cement Mixer Trailer 1.31

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Mod add in game hidden trailer cement mixer in cargo, company, delivery and traffic.

Includes Alcoa_t wheel from abastrepass (to replace ugly scs base wheels)

Includes new skin for the trailer (black chassis and blue/grey mixer). If you want to remove my skin just open the mod and go to : vehicle/trailer_eu/cement_mixer/ and remove cement_mixer.dds/.tobj

SCS, Mahad110



5 thoughts on “Cement Mixer Trailer 1.31

  1. Bender0187

    Tiens, j’ai déjà vu cette semi quelque part 😉 Philipmorris

  2. Please what is the mod for that beautiful map color???Thank you very much zazaslání,thank you very much,marněsháním,thanks jardik

    1. It’s called Satellite map, it’s from steam workshop if I’m not wrong..

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