Cheep & open accessories


This mod open truck accessories and discount accessories.

It has some error. I’ll fix it.(My first mod..;)


(Maybe It doesn’t work at 1.4.x)

Author: Smart


9 thoughts on “Cheep & open accessories

  1. Author : Smart?? Its called CHEAP, lol…

    1. I used it long time.. So I dont want to make new nickname..

  2. Oops.. I have mistake.

    1. 실수하다 라는 동사는 주로 make와 같이쓰입니다
      그래서 I have a mistake->I made a mistake
      이렇게 주로 쓰죠

      1. 참고로 MISTAKE는 동사가 아닙니다.
        아니기때문에 MAKE등의 동사를 넣어주셔야합니다

  3. congratulation Smart!! Quite well~

    1. Thx!

  4. Nobody Needs to Know

    It works well in 1.4x however with the Iveco Hi-Way, you cant unlock it, maybe a new update with cheaper prices or something? anyway, I’m happy with it.

    1. Nobody Needs to Know

      Doesnt work in 1.5.2, game crash

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