China Dongfeng Truck


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Dongfeng Tianlong Flagship Truck, to replace Iveco Hi Way Truck

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13 Responses to China Dongfeng Truck

  1. Military_Pig says:


  2. craZyblaZe says:

    Made in China

    Anyways nice truck 🙂

  3. pl_tv_software says:

    Video…? 🙂

  4. AlexCrazy says:

    not standalone = no need thuis sh!t 🙂 go to trash

  5. XTM0523 says:


    • LEL says:

      Stop typing Chinese right here you dumba$$. I can read Chinese. Your action makes me shame on you.
      PS HongKongese

  6. junio says:

    sh!t is what you have inside of you head.

    nice truck nice job

  7. Space Cam says:

    you cant convert the CAT CT 660 on ats to ets 2 1,22 it is a American truck sim mod.

  8. American-Express says:

    720p HD , the 3D isn’t good 🙁

  9. Maestro says:

    Can someone please make this standalone? Love this truck, but I don`t want to loose the only iveco that i like…thanks in advance

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