Chris45 Trailers Pack V7.03 Fix (Schwarzmuller)


Chris45 Trailer Pack V7.03 Schwarzmuller Fix
If you DO NOT have the Schwarzmuller Trailer dlc, then you need this mod as well as my trailer pack to avoid crash.

If you already have Schwarzmuller trailer dlc, this fix is not required.

Chris45, SCS Software


4 Responses to Chris45 Trailers Pack V7.03 Fix (Schwarzmuller)

  1. SkinnyPesci says:

    thanks alot chris , do you got steam ? if u got add me ( SkinnyPesci )

  2. SkinnyPesci says:

    dude still not working i click drive and game crash … help me pls

    • Chris45UK says:

      could you post errors from your “game.log” file so i can repair this fault

      • SkinnyPesci says:

        00:00:00.609 : [zipfs] Chris45 Trailers V7.03.scs: read ok, 12486 entries [0x1794a5e8]
        00:00:00.610 : [zipfs] Chris45_Trailer_Pack_Fix_for_V7.03.scs: read ok, 10 entries [0x107af839]

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