Cinematic Camera Mod

Just to make a standard 3rd person camera more “cinematic”. In fact, it’s the same as reducing the FOV in photo mode… u will get a closer look for U’r amazing truck.



4 thoughts on “Cinematic Camera Mod

  1. SancakTepeLi

    What your graphic mod ?

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.37…

  3. president10

    cinamatic camera 😀

    orginal mods : president10

    1. ####, I could not find the author. The mod came to me from a youtube subscriber. There was just a folder, and the description of the mod was not saved correctly + I did not like the distance that was recorded in the file. I decided to redo the mod, making it for ATS also.

      If this is your mod, I apologize for such impudence

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