citroen c4 picasso 2007_1.46

a new car citroen c4 picasso 2007_1.46
– HQ interior
-original wheels
-the sound own

it’s free for personal,,,,




28 thoughts on “citroen c4 picasso 2007_1.46

  1. very cool mod, thanks yahia,

    1. Yahiaabed

      Welcome bro the next car peugeot 307 full animations

  2. XD
    1) this is not picasso
    2) this is AFTERlift, so this is not from 2007

    ### dude, so hard to google it?

    1. Yahiaabed

      Bro version between 2007 to 2010

      1. stop telling lies. I have my OWN citroen c4 (but 5-door version) and FIRST and THE ONLY ONE lift was in 2008.

  3. nice car, although it is not the picasso it is the normal citroen c4 but it is still just as beautiful.
    you could make a Citroën Xsara Picasso 2000

    1. Yahiaabed

      I know not the same I wrong .I well upload the next car peugeot 307 full animations I have xsara but not hq interior

      1. I don’t care if the citroen xsara is not hq interior.
        Do it anyway please.
        All your cars are magnificent, the best car mods for this game, keep it up.

        1. Yahiaabed

          Ok I well do bro

  4. You could make a Citroen C1 2005 or Fiat Panda 2004

    1. Yahiaabed

      Yah I well do citroen c1 in next week

  5. Very nice you could make a Citroen C6 please

    1. Yahiaabed

      I have this car when I finish model peugeot I well do

  6. i have some car recomandations,if you are interested:
    Volkswagen Bora 2001
    Volkswagen Golf 5 R
    Seat Ibiza 2002
    Seat leon 2001
    Audi s4 b5
    Audi a6 2002
    Opel corsa C

    1. Yahiaabed

      Bro I have a lot of cars but you know not easy to do take time thanks bro

  7. I love This mod,but i don’t see speed showing on speedometer and the blinkers are not correct side.

    1. Yahiaabed

      I well update

  8. aimbotsure

    pls citroen xsara picasso

  9. You could also make a citroen ami 2020

  10. I have some car recomandations,if you are interested:
    Citroen Xsara 1998
    Peugeot 207
    Mercedes benz b180 2007
    Citroen C4 Cactus 2017
    Seat Arona 2018
    Toyota Avesis 2003
    Opel Vectra 1998

  11. I have some car recomandations,if you are interested:
    Citroen Ami 2020
    Citroen Xsara 1998
    Seat Arona 2018
    Toyota Avensis 2003
    Opel Vectra 1998
    Mercedes Benz B180 2007
    Citroen C4 Picasso 2007

    1. Or Fiat Multipla

    2. Yahiaabed

      I have all now I upload peugeot 307 IT’S NICE CAR

  12. Nice mods, can you make SKODA Octavia MK2 VRS please?

  13. Hello and really thank u for all cars you do, I appreciate and I just want to tell if u can do the 5 doors or the peugeot 406, thank u very much


  15. Can you pleaseeee make Mercedes Benz E220 2006? With bulgarian number plate 😀

    1. Yahiaabed

      I will convert w124 or w124 in next week

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