Citroen DS4

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citroen_ds4 car that is very beautiful
Credits: Ali.RZB
Model for by Jazzycat
tested 1.27.x & 1.28.x beta!
no lag!
interior skoda
Car on all Dealer



13 thoughts on “Citroen DS4

  1. thomasbus31

    Interior please! I won’t download it until it has an interior… car looks awesome from the outside!

    1. Agree with you 😀

  2. FoxOnTheBox

    Nice mod, a great model by Jazzycat. Although it still needs work such as an interior it’s still a good mod. Handles well and looks great.

    Tested on 1.28 with no problems.

    HD Video

    1. thanks

  3. Scooby123

    Get out you fake pdt

  4. Scooby123

    Why you still put interior from skoda?? Rubbish

    1. PolishEuroTruckSimulatorDriver

      I Love other Citroens

  5. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.28…

  6. We all want the interior !

  7. Minecrafter

    This Car is the Swiss-Most Car Called: Citroën C4.

    This Car Should be Converted From ETS2 to ATS. Once Converted to American Truck Simulator, Citroën C4 on All Dealer in ATS.

    Convert into ATS Please!

  8. Can you pls do a Citroen C2?

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