a new car citroën_xsara_picasso_2.0_hdi
-medium interior and exterior
-wheel original
-mirror and lights it work
– you can change dashboard digital for speed it big

enjoy ……………….



25 thoughts on “citroën_xsara_picasso_2.0_hdi

  1. Paul Ionescu

    Citroën C6 please

    1. Yahiaabed

      I have but not high quality interior

      1. Paul Ionescu

        Or Peugeot 407, Peugeot 508 2022, Citroën C5x 2022, Renault Laguna 2 or 3rd gen

        1. truck fan

          peugeot 407 would be good


    Hello a question with which program you create mods why me Zmodeler when I import pmd files from an error in the materials
    anyway nice mod

    1. Yahiaabed

      Bro use blender but it hard bro you must have experience


        hello I know how to use blender but how do I import and export pmd files like in Zmodeler?

        1. Yahiaabed

          Search conventions tool scs blender in Google

  3. can you please make a Audi A6 c5 with a 2.4 V6? 🙂

  4. this guy is amazing

    1. Yahiaabed

      You don’t see when I do renault 4 it’s old

  5. Not the best mod you did, but i like the cars you choose, keep up

    1. Yahiaabed

      I know bro but a lot of guys do this car

  6. badrmoroccogothacked

    please man dacia duster

  7. please mąkę opel corsa

  8. Hi, can you convert a Dacia Logan ?


    1. Yahiaabed

      It really now but a little time to finish this car I convert

  9. Augubor Lithuania

    In my humble opinion, it would be nice to have a newer car mod. I think Peugeot 208 (2020) or 408 (2022) would be very nice to have 😀

    1. Yahiaabed

      Yes bro I like peugeot 208 gti I have this car I promise you in next days you will see this car

  10. Yahiaabed

    The next car volkswagen wagon jetta variant hq interior and exterior

  11. can you do audi a6 buddy?

  12. Increible coche!!!! Podrias hacer el citroen c4 picasso 2007

    -I leave you some images of the exterior and interior so that you can see it in detail×525.jpg

  13. 20 lat temu do GTA Vice City były lepsze modele xD

  14. Citroen c4 picasso 2007 pls

  15. Renault laguna please

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