Clumsy Geek Skin for Mercedes Actros 2014

Clumsy-Geek-1 Clumsy-Geek-2 Clumsy-Geek-3

Clumsy geek is a really cool gamer that likes to chill and talking with his subs, you should really check him out. He’s still small (2000 subs)
and plays many games as ets2 in promods, no mans sky, and more!
Just saying clumsy, this is my first skin!

1-Download the scs file
2-Once finished, open documents-ets2-mods and insert it in mods
3-Launch the game and activate the mod
4-Have fun!

Author: iPassword


One Response to Clumsy Geek Skin for Mercedes Actros 2014

  1. Raatha says:

    This is awesome! I love Clumsy. His vids are so chill and amazing to watch.

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