Colored Interior lights for all Trucks

Colored-Interior-Lights-for-all-Trucks-1 Colored-Interior-Lights-for-all-Trucks-2

Add beacon and in game press key O, but you must add beacon. Works with all versions.
Also have 5 types of colors:
– Blue
– Red
– Yellow
– Light blue
– Light yellow

Authors: Misterone, miorest


8 thoughts on “Colored Interior lights for all Trucks

  1. Nie działa w Dafie Euro 6 :/

  2. Пожалуйста,сделай следующий мод,чтобы освещение в кабине выкл. и вкл. отдельной кнопкой на клавиатуре.Закрепи одну любую отдельно взятую кнопку на клавиатуре.Постоянное горение в кабине плафона,реально надоедает.

  3. scania4ever

    It doesn’t work on the r2008 of 50k –‘

  4. Not work

  5. RaggeBiff

    The light is so weak :-/ and I don’t like that it’s a beacon. You it’s almost impossible to see the light from outside :-/

  6. RaggeBiff

    The light is too weak. I don’t like it as a beacon and you can barely see it from outside.

  7. Rasmus Eriksson

    The light is too weak. I don’t like it as a beacon and you could barely see the lights both inside and outside the truck

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