Colored name tags V2


Compatible with patch 1.4.X!
This mod was created by me Daltontune.

In this new version 2.0, the already known features of version 1.8
were rewritten and adapted to the latest euro truck simulator 2

Please note that changing the label, the label must be taken only from
the cab to come up with new words to buy from the dealer for a
replacement license plate. As in real life!

A framework that can be purchased after the acquisition of the new
label. So you have to pay only the hallmark Buy and then buy a frame.

Author: Daltontune


3 thoughts on “Colored name tags V2

  1. Put in Finnish colors and I’ll love you 😉

  2. A Procrastinator

    It Doesn’t Replace The Number plate On The Truck At All And Your Third Paragraph Doesn’t Make Sense So Please Explain It In Proper English Please

  3. patrick202

    c laite su un crisse de temps

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