Combo Skin Packs Iveco Hiway

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Skin [Truck & Trailer]



5 Responses to Combo Skin Packs Iveco Hiway

  1. DrunkDriver says:

    Gay truck

    • Damien says:

      When i saw the truck the first think appear in my mind is this was a girl truck. Because it’s pink.

      Probably you hide your sexual choice and your future will is being a gay. That’s why the first impression of that mod on you was “gay”

      Don’t be ashamed, it’s ok to be a gay DrunkDriver. We are ok with your sexual choice dude đŸ˜‰

      • DrunkDriver says:

        If you are a boy lover, it`s your problem, not mine.
        Leave me out of that.

        • Damien says:

          Lol, when you saw a pink color the only thing came up on your mind was “gay”. You said gay, not me.

          So it’s the proof you are a boy lover gay. I never saw a word like “boy lover”. You really know what are you talking about.

          Lol you drunkdriver the ultimate gay.

  2. DrunkDriver says:

    Is there a limit of your stupidity?
    Damien, the ultimate moron.

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