Comil Campione + Pamukkale Skin

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The tool works in version 1.35 mainly producers foreigners I did only skin, but the link is both skin and car mode thanks for downloading one of the engine options if you choose high horsepower if the sound does not come in the other options are sound quality is nice advice is



2 thoughts on “Comil Campione + Pamukkale Skin

  1. Busmods are really poor….just a steeringwheel and no chance to look out the left or right window….real poor visibility,grey cabin,no physics at all and so on and so on…..also the mods you really have to pay for…I mean………siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh 🙁

  2. AfzallPixell

    Comil Campione 6×2 Bus Mod Euro Truck Simulator 2
    HD Video Test

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