Container Trailer Standalone


The download offered here may be used only with original DL link,
the same applies when uploading in other forums, I ask you to respect this

Trailer is standalone and has its own charge
scs directory is open if anyone wants to change the skin …
it must start a new game, just the scs in your mod folder
and have fun

for patch

pmd / pmg closed


Container Trailer: by Gerben Convertiert by Scania730Fahrer & DGO Wheels by ventyres Screens by King Gokkel


5 thoughts on “Container Trailer Standalone

  1. I don`t want to sound rude…by teling you this…but this work of yours, have some big flaw!

    When you drive your normal 16.5meters trailer with a small container…you always put it a bit more to front…not completlly but more to front then back…or else your rear wheels would loose tracion all the time…even for visual aspect is not nice…perhaps you took advantage of some pre made model with too containers…and removed one!So if you have those separetlly from main structure of trailer…just need to push it a bit further!

  2. Can you give a link for trucks

  3. the scania is the R2 by punisher?

  4. What mod for the window decal?

  5. Simon von Puttkamer

    1.26 patch ?

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