Controller mod update


Updated version of an old fashion under 1.20.
– On the bases, stations and ferry instead of the green character of activation is a man-manager;
– At gas stations, barriers, car and railway-crossing – is empty, no characters at all there;
– Place of unloading indicated by cones, place of loading not indicated (remember the appearance of the trailer when choosing a load);
– Remove barriers to the closed streets and intersections, including a collision. Attention! Check on closed streets threatens to sink into the textures.

Game Version: 1.20.h

Authors: SCS, Knox_xss, Nikola Kostovski, Welder1987
Adaptation to version 1.20, create a file manifest: Turbas Timur

Turbas Timur


5 Responses to Controller mod update

  1. sven says:


  2. maddison says:

    Sounds nice, all the features that i have in different mods đŸ˜‰ thx!

  3. Bill says:

    My guy is all red and no other colors. Im still on version

  4. evox says:

    this is old mod called ” dispatch “

  5. niwo says:

    You should offset the animated character from the activation node, so that one does not drive into it

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