Crash Barrier Reflector


*Red-dashed line
*White-dashed line
*Yellow-dashed line
*Yellow-straight line

DIESEL [Yusuf B.]


20 thoughts on “Crash Barrier Reflector

  1. On 1.1.1 dont work … _|_

    1. Mak-Kyver

      Update your game!

      1. balkanboy

        if he has 1.1.1 that means hegot pirate game

        1. i have pirate game and im on 1.3.1

          1. Sirloin Truck

            Well done, son.

  2. Shame, it does not seem to work for me either, running version 1.3.1. Anyone else getting it to work?

  3. 1.3.1 Don’t working

  4. Lalalalaalalalalalaalalala

    You Guys know that the “Lights” are not planted everywhere? It works for me , 1.3.1

  5. Yeah, I was a bit to fast. Done some driving around and it does work!

  6. is there anyway to do this but for cats eyes in the middle of the road?

  7. Hahaa…very nice…I like it very much…thank you Author πŸ˜‰

    1. DIESEL [Yusuf B.]

      Enjoy πŸ˜‰

      1. hey DIESEL buddy can you make or remake this for 1.4.8 pls πŸ™ on my game it show the reflectors, but problem is that yellow dashed lines bearly can see, just can you tweak them a bit more, dno a light itensity a bit more for 1.4.8 ver of game pls πŸ™‚

        And the rest is prity much very cool !! thanks for mod and your time !!

        Thanks and with best regards Andres!

  8. biochazard

    for me its working and i have 1.3.0

  9. It works, but lights isnΒ΄t on every barier.
    legal 1.3.1

  10. Very weak visible with

  11. DIESEL [Yusuf B.]


    Mod Works Game Version 1.3.1

    Enjoy πŸ˜‰

  12. aryoputra

    how to change the color?

    1. aryoputra

      oh, there are many folder into the file, many color

  13. We need this for 1.4.8s Please make it for more versions!

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