Cummins engine sound for Kenworth W900L (1.5)


Hi all,

I received a lot of emails, asking me to adapt new Cummins sound on
the W900L,

That’s done.

The truck isn’t from me, ONLY the sound. All is included, put that
truck in your mod folder, then GO!

Works fine on 1.7.



20 thoughts on “Cummins engine sound for Kenworth W900L (1.5)

  1. kriechbaum

    Kenworth, The World’s Best !!!

  2. Thank you , thank you 🙂

  3. the engine sound man who makes you want to be “ON THE ROAD AGAIN” launches from our favorite cookie jar, another ear pleasing,jump for joy mod that makes fans run the BIG ONES in ETS2 once again. Thanks again and keep em cummin, cause I love being “ON THE ROAD AGAIN”. Now I shall make my deliveries in the ever more interesting simulation of truck driving, looking for more eye pleasing modifications that never fail to amaze me and your ever growing fan base. Mod well done.

  4. kriechbaum

    Thanks !!!!

  5. HardStyleBoy

    is not working fore me 🙁

  6. HardStyleBoy

    help !

    1. MrETSTrucker

      Come on guys please post your help questions like this…

      -Version of the game that you use
      -Map + Traffic mod + Trailers pack etc.
      -Sound mods (if any or previously installed ones)


      When you ask for help on any mods you have to help first so you can get help!

      1. HardStyleBoy

        ohh iam so sorry ! :S
        i use the 1.7 version
        right now I have no mods .. but still does not work? 🙁

  7. TruckerBoB

    Again another great sound mod … 🙂

    well done mate, & btw thankyou for the return email & link..

    the KW sounds great and the louder jakes are appreciated even if they ain’t quite as loud as the old monster I used to drive :)…then again 9 straight pipes will do that :)..

    SO….a little help for those that have problems with the big rigs steering….

    for those that DO have the old KW900L mod, the one that came with the steering Adjust mod scs file..

    the steering adjust mod can be edited on the fly = NO need to even extract it from the mods folder … just open that mod with WinRAR open the def folder and keep going until you see the Physics.sii file…open and edit that with basic notepad …or even notepad++

    look for these lines,,,

    steering_sensitivity_multiplier_0kmh: 1.0
    steering_sensitivity_multiplier_100kmh: 0.4

    and simply change to example \n
    steering_sensitivity_multiplier_0kmh: 2.4
    steering_sensitivity_multiplier_100kmh: 1.2
    or numbers to suit YOUR preferred response speed of the steering..

    just edit and close …WinRAR will say the archive needs updating,,, just let it update ..

    and welcome to MUCH BETTER and faster steering response …

    you can of course remove the steering adjust mod completely from your ets 2 mods folder to edit it in the usual fashion elsewhere before replacing the modified version back into your mod folder…

    I hope that helps a few out that have VERY slow and IMHO crappy steering for the KW900L

    NOTE since that steering adjustment mod file is generic in nature it is highly likely to affect the steering of other trucks … however since you can only drive ONE truck at a time 🙂 I have yet to meet anyone who can be in TWO trucks at the same time :)…much less drive two trucks at the same time..

    disable the mod in your profile edit settings …After changing your truck to one of the default cabover style trucks or whatever else type of truck you wish to drive…
    just remember to re-enable the steering Adjust mod IF you use it when driving the KW900L or other usa type trucks that benefit from faster the steering adjustment mods physics sii file..

    Cheers All

  8. can you make one for the Freightliner Classic 120 Truck also
    perfect sound thank you

    1. kriechbaum

      Thank you,

      And yes, for the Freightliner 120, i will.

  9. Please can you host it in another site? mediafire doesn´t work !!! The download comes corrupted… Thanks

  10. when will you have the freightliner sound mod done

  11. Great mod, but why not a stronger engine? 625 hp is a bit poor for this truck.

    1. Yes its need a bigger i agree

  12. It needs bigger motor I have a trailer pack mod that gives me 25 tonne cargo and the poor truck struggles with it it did about 13mph up a little tinny hill but other then that brilient mod

  13. hey man the link is broken would you please be able to have a look at it thank you needing this amazing sound ohhmaaagawwdd

  14. The link is broken can you please send a new link

  15. Marek Mittelbach

    ahoj tento odkaz nejde stáhnout mohl bych poprosit o nový 🙂

  16. please fix and a powerfull engine for this beauty!!!nice work!!!

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