Custom AI Realistic Heavy Traffic Mod


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ETS2 Custom AI Realistic Heavy Traffic Mod 90 kmh by

ETS2 Custom AI Realistic Medium Traffic Mod 90kmh by

ETS2 Custom AI Realistic Light Traffic Mod 90kmh by
If you interest for details, please read Readme_long.txt in my .scs.

AI cars:

The original game have 27 different traffic cars. This mod expand 59 traffic “cars”. 🙂

Cars have 1 gasoline engine and 1 diesel engine versions, with different acceleration values and shifting point values calculated based on real datas.

The top speeds values calculated too, but corrected, for avoid rush on highways. The calculated top speed corrected based on Horsepower/Weight ratio, that the result between 100 km/h and 150 km/h.

The exterior of AI cars only a little modified. The headlight’s range, angle, intensity modified with 2 version, and linked for car categories. The wheels in two versions too, the gasoline engine version of car has original wheel, the diesel engine version of car has one step bigger wheel compared to original wheel.


AI trucks:

The original game have 7 different traffic truck. This mod expand 189 traffic truck. 🙂 The behavior of traffic truck specified by acceleration values in different gears, shifting points between gears, and minimum distances between AI s, and top speeds.

Trucks have 5 engine power level versions per 7 manufacturers, with different acceleration values and shifting point values based on real datas, and with different exterior accessories. The accessories is same per engine power level, so enough take a look at truck for recognize his abilities. They called tuning version by me.

Trucks have 1 top engine power level version per 7 manufacturer without trailer and cargo, they called empty-solo version by me.

Trucks have 2 middle engine power level version per 7 manufacturer without accessories, they called factory look version by me.

The top speeds based on the calculated speed value of gear at 1600 rev/min.

The exterior of AI trucks modified at many points. The headlight’s range, angle, intensity modified. The accessories is same per engine power level for every manufacturer, but the 5 different front grill occur at all power level. The tuning versions of trucks have own chassis-cabin-wheel-mirror-doorhndl combinations, and have own doorsteps, bottomgrills, sunshields.

7 original traffic truck * 5 engine power level * 5 different tuning exterior= 175 variant of tuning traffic truck

7 original traffic truck * 2 engine power level * 1 factory look=
14 variant of factory traffic truck

175+14=189 variant of traffic truck


AI trailers:

The original game have 15 different traffic trailers. This mod expand 84 traffic trailers. 🙂

In the original trailer_storage.sii of the game has 75 different trailer, the player can pull either in his transport job. But in the trailer_traffic_storage.sii only 15 different traffic trailers. So why don’t these trailers come face to face in traffic on roads? With this mod they come… 🙂

I lift these rows from trailers_storage to trailer_traffic_storage, and some of them cloned in a,b,c,d,e,f,g version for they occurrence in traffic meet my like.

These 84 traffic trailers combined with 189 variant of traffic truck, between 59 different traffic cars on the road make this game mutch variable and enjoyable for truckers.

The mod downloadable in 3 version.

Author: Scanreg

DOWNLOAD Light Traffic 1.51 MB
DOWNLOAD Medium Traffic 1.51 MB
DOWNLOAD Heavy Traffic 1.51 MB

76 thoughts on “Custom AI Realistic Heavy Traffic Mod

  1. Other than having to add a few zzz’s at the start of the file name to get this to show in TSM2.1, this mod is brilliant! Thanks! 😀

    1. Hmm, I’m using TSM 2.0 and it worked without the z’s for me.
      Great, great mod. I may reconsider my renaming of the AI. I previously called them “Artificial Stupidity”.

      1. Delta_880

        Yeah… the AI (not sure how much this changes ’em) are “Artificial Pricks” (my nickname for ’em

  2. rm-trucker from Paintable AI Trucks Mod

    Hi Scanreg!

    our team is making a other AI-Trucks Mod, you can check out here:

    For this mod we think it will be nice, when we can use your mod as basic, so we add our Trucks (with Paintings and Trucks like the MAN witk painted Grill and so on), when it is okay for you!

    We would be happy if you say yes for using your Mod! Of course you will be stated in the credits of it!

    Thanks for reply to [email protected]


    1. Hi rm-trucker!

      My mods are open, they don’t have any password for

      lock them, so the possibility of change are open too.

      I make this mods for my enjoy, and share them for

      everyone on this site.

      If someone like them as they are, use one of them and enjoy.

      If someone don’t like it, he/she has three


      1st: don’t use it, and/or forget it…

      2nd: make a better/nicer independent mods considering his/her needs and wishs, and use it, and happy.

      3rd: make a better/nicer mods based this mod(s) and/or considering his/her needs and wishs, takes ideas, parts from this mod(s), and add some plus values, or modify part for considering his/her needs and wishs.

      But in this instance of possibilities, in my opinion he/she MUST write the author of source into the credits or readme or somewhere. This is the correct behaviour.

      The needs and wishs of you, and of your team take place in the 3rd possibility in my interpretation, so do that! This mean, I say yes.

      Good luck.


      1. rm-trucker from Paintable AI Trucks Mod

        Ok, thank you!

        Of course your name will placed in the credits! For me it is the minimum to do that!

        So we say thank you for the opportunity to use your mod for ours!

        Nice greedings

  3. hallo

    muss ich alle 3 in denn mod ordner machen um viel verkehr zu haben?

    1. rm-trucker from Paintable AI Trucks Mod

      Nein nur den den du haben willst, sonst überschrieben sie sich ja gegenseitig.

  4. Makes the game slower before it starts to crash… When says stop working it says ets2 steam… And I didn’t get the game from there

  5. ah okay wenn ich also viel verkehr auf der srasse möchte den: Heavy Traffic DOWNLOAD

    für weniger verkehr den: Medium Traffic DOWNLOAD

    ist der Light Traffic DOWNLOAD damit man den ai im dunkeln besser sehen kann?

    1. rm-trucker from Paintable AI Trucks Mod

      Nein Middle ist Mittel und Light heißt auf Englisch sowohl Licht als auch Leicht, hier ist wohl eher Leicht gemeint, kennst doch bestimmt Light-Yoghurt oder so, der steht ja auch nicht für licht sondern für “wenig” Fett.

    2. Hi.

      “The mod downloadable in 3 version.”

      This mean, you can download all version, but use only one of them at the same time in game!

      The main difference between 3 version is the density of the traffic. (the number of traffic vehicles/for example 10 kilometer)

      In the heavy traffic version have the biggest traffic density.

      In the medium traffic version have the average traffic density.

      In the light traffic version have the lowest traffic density.

      You can choose one between them, which meet your needs and the capability of your computer’s.


  6. Was using a more traffic mod before tried this one so guess I’ll stick with that

  7. was mich nur wundert habe die drei zusammel und einzeln angetestet und habe bei allen dreien und auch einzeln immer den selben wert in der log von:
    00:00:14.110 : Loaded small traffic vehicles: 59
    00:00:14.180 : Loaded truck traffic vehicles: 189
    00:00:14.193 : Loaded traffic trailers: 84

    aber ohne die drei ist er wieder weniger. trotzdem habe ich nicht mehr verkehrs aufkommen

    1. Kannst Du auch nicht haben. Die Mod kann keine Fahrzeuge zaubern, nur die Zusammensetzung des Verkehrs ändern. Im Spiel werden am Tag 63 und nachts 21 Fahrzeuge in Betrieb genommen. Das ändert sich auch durch diese Mod nicht.

    2. This values only the number of elements in assortment of traffic (cars,trucks,trailers) array. The density of traffic are not in this values…

    1. Thanks for advertisement… 🙂

  8. where 6×2 truk?

  9. Hi! This is a great mod indeed. I added myself custom folder with countries from TSM map so it works like a charm now.

    My only question is – I don’t want the trucks with trailers to go over 90 km/h which is the EU speed limiter. Will they be able to do it if I won’t set speed limits to 90 km/h in each country? Or only trucks without trailers will go faster? Thank You for Your response in advance.

    BTW – this mod works great with rush hour mod posted few days ago but it requires u to have good hardware 🙂

    1. The maximum speed of an AI truck decide 2 thing.

      1st: the “speed:” value in meter/second unit in the AI truck own .sii file.
      2nd: the “truck_speed_limits:” values in country’s own .sii file where the AI truck move on the road depending of the road type. In this limit the first number is the limit in cities, the second number is the limit on other roads, the third number is the limit on motorways/highways. These values in kilometer/hour unit.

      The second thing is strongest, the AIs always respect laws. This mean, the AI traffic always keep the speed below the speed limits.
      If the own speed value of AI is above the actual speed limit, the actual speed limit take place as maximum speed.
      If the own speed value of AI is below the actual speed limit, the own speed value of AI take place as maximum speed.

      So, if you want trucks with trailers respect EU speed limiter 90 km/h, you must edit each country’s config.sii file, and change the “truck_speed_limits:” second and third number to 90.
      This is more simple, than look in 189 variant of traffic truck config file, and edit them if above 90 km/h 🙂

      I tested my mod with rush hour mod too, they work together without problem. I play a little with rush hour mod values, and on my Aspire 5755G, with Core-I5-2410M 2,3 GHz, 8 GB DDR3, GeForce GT540M 2GB, in cities some time the traffic is transformed to slide show. 🙂

      My main problem with rush hour mod is, if i stop at red light, exit the game, start the game again, i stay at red light, but when AI’s generated and placed, they don’t look me, and generated on same place where I’m. In this situations we fly too high and away, and damage my truck and cargo… 🙂

      1. Let me to correct the above information, that the truck_speed_limits: parameter values in country’s own .sii file is in kilometer/hour unit.
        That is true, if complete with: values in kilometer/hour unit, except uk.sii (United Kingdom) where the speed limits must in miles/hour unit.

  10. are the al trucks now overtaking?
    on the motorway?

    1. Yes, the AI trucks with this mod can overtaking, but only the empty-solo versions of AI trucks.
      But the empty-solo versions of AI trucks can overtaking not only motorways/highways, on other roads and in cities can overtaking too.
      The feeling is priceless, when you watch the mirror, and an empty-solo AI truck come closer and closer, and finally overtaking you.

      1. can u fix wirhtrailer ai truck overtake??

        1. No, I can’t.
          Because of one deficiency of the game, that the elements of truck_traffic array listed in truck_traffic_storage.sii can’t overtake. I try it, set up unreal accelerations and unreal top speed for truck_traffic, so I give them the possibility, but cant’t overtake noway. 🙁

  11. ia truck speed increase only without trailer.i hope eding with trailer.

  12. You People if you want more traffic,go and install the rush hour mod,I be playing that one and let me tell you there is traffic and car and truck crashes.I’s a lot of fun.

    1. i cant use rush hour (the game filesystem failed to initialize,aborting now) what can i do. or how can i use mod??

  13. I have been thinking, and I decided that make a 90 km/h truck speed limiter versions of my mod for reality.

    Here they are:

    ETS2 Custom AI Realistic Heavy Traffic Mod 90 kmh by

    ETS2 Custom AI Realistic Medium Traffic Mod 90kmh by

    ETS2 Custom AI Realistic Light Traffic Mod 90kmh by

  14. Thanks for this mod!

  15. I really couldn’t tell the difference between Medium and Heavy traffic.
    Love the mod though. The difference is amazing.

  16. Hi

    Thx for this great mod, works fine for me.

    However, I noticed something. I have in my truck shop whitewall tires and also in my truck that I drive I have these.
    Now 99% of the trucks have to meet me and whitewall tires, they always get it about 100m before I or overtaking them at the same level, before their tires are black.
    This is exactly what I do not like that 99% of trucks and trailers now have these tires.
    You can prevent this somehow ?

    Greetz P.

    1. Hi!

      In my mod the traffic trucks built from the part what is in original game. In case of front wheel and rear wheel I use the steel.sii, 1.sii, 2.sii, 3.sii files from the /def/vehicle/f_wheel/ and from the /def/vehicle/r_wheel/ directory. This is for avoid problems, and for compatibility.

      If U use a mod, which update tis files, the mod will affect the traffic truck too.

      This is a side effect of the mod U using.

      The same side effect you can see on second picture of my mod, where is the 5*7 traffic truck matrix. I use the “Mod_Pack_Goodyear_Chrom_by_ETS2MOD.scs” and the chromed wheels are affect the traffic trucks too. But opposite of you, I like it.

      The solution would be I think, if the author of your whitewall tires mod use the different filenames and different object names in wheels own .sii files for this wheels, and leave chance to choose the possibility of use the original wheels of game or the possibility of use the modified wheels.

      I think this is not my mod mistake…

      1. Ok thx for the info.

  17. The Ai doesn’t properly load until you are close to the car/truck, example if your a bit behind a truck there is no wheels on it until you get close to it.

    1. Check your game.log for errors under “Euro Truck Simulator 2” directory. Maybe you use other mod that affect the wheels, and this is the source of problem. If you use any wheel mod, try disable it, and look the problem go away, or not.

      If you not use mod that affect wheels and/or game.log is clear for errors, I think your computer/video card can’t compute and display all details of the picture of game.
      In this case, try set graphics settings in game menu to lower details, and/or use the lower number of traffic elements version of my mod. (medium traffic, or in the last chance light traffic)

  18. I have a HD 7870 and 3rd gen i7 running easily on ultra so computing shouldnt be a problem, I have tried what you have said I even made a new profile and enabled only your mod. Same thing AI dont fully render/detail until your quite close which is unfortunate. Stuff like the car interior, I dont have this problem when im not using this mod but then the ai is ######. I might try record some gameplay post on youtube and link you so you can see the problem

    1. Else I have no problems with the graphics only when I activate this mod often see those trucks:
      Without this mod, I do not have that problem.

      1. Which version of truck shop you using? Download link? I will watch this if I have enough free time…

    2. I will watch this too if I have enough free time…

    3. Excuse me.

      The fully render/detail of AI wheel problem of my mod is true. And the problem is affect not only AI wheels, affect the complete AI vehicle. The trucks and cars too. 🙁

      This is because of my mistake.

      I was an idea, that the elements of lod_dist[] array in traffic trucks (and in traffic cars) config .sii file is something follow-up difference between two AI vehicles, so I set these values too low.

      But it seems to this lod_dist[] values means something completly different.

      In my experience, when this values set back to it’s original values, the render/details problem of wheels go away…

      Furtunately I include this values in trucks and cars config .sii file, so enough to modify 3 config file.

      The solution:
      1. step: In my mods \def\vehicle\truck folder modify the sample_truck_lod.sii file. In this file write back the original values of truck lod_dist[].
      They are:
      lod_dist[]: 70
      lod_dist[]: 100
      2. step: In my mods \def\vehicle\ai folder modify the sample_ai_lod.sii file. In this file write back the original values of car lod_dist[].
      They are:
      lod_dist[]: 60
      lod_dist[]: 110
      3. step: In my mods \def\vehicle\ai folder modify the sample_ai_lod2.sii file. In this file write back the original values of car lod_dist[].
      They are:
      lod_dist[]: 60
      lod_dist[]: 110

      Test it please…

      So from the lod_dist the “dist” mean distance, but what this “lod”? If anybody know this, please inform me…

      1. I just tested it, well done for even finding out what the problem was. There was major improvement, you fixed the AI cars and trucks apart from the Scania which has also improved but still has the no wheel issue:
        Any suggestions for new truck lod values ? The original truck lod values don’t fully fix the scania truck wheel issue.
        I’ll try testing different truck lod_dist values to see if I can fix the scania wheel problem
        Thanks for finding the problem this mod is a must have for the game

        1. About this no wheel issue…

          I can’t say nothing, because i can’t reporduce this issue…

          Please send me your complete game.log when this no wheel issue occur…

          I will watch this, maybe I will clever from this, and maybe can say something.

          1. to his e-mail: customai dot ets2 at gmail dot com

      2. SaabScania

        Thankz Scanreg.

  19. Its all good man, I don’t wanna waste your time with this game log thing anyway its pretty good with the original values.
    Thanks for the mod.

    1. I’m a little busy in these days, that’s why i wrote “I will watch this if I have enough free time…”, not because of I don’t care your and Patriot’s no wheel issue. If here is a problem, try solve this together. I would like if my mod perfect.

      For everyone, who has no wheel issue:

      In my mods \def\vehicle\truck folder modify the sample_truck_lod.sii file. In this file write this values of truck lod_dist[]:
      lod_dist[]: 175
      lod_dist[]: 300
      In my mods \def\vehicle\ai folder modify the sample_ai_lod.sii file. In this file write this values of car lod_dist[].
      They are:
      lod_dist[]: 125
      lod_dist[]: 250
      In my mods \def\vehicle\ai folder modify the sample_ai_lod2.sii file. In this file write this values of car lod_dist[].
      They are:
      lod_dist[]: 125
      lod_dist[]: 250

      Optionally modify the shortcut of ETS2, add “-mm_pool_size 600” parameter after the “eurotrucks2.exe” in the destination filed of the shortcut.

      Test it please, and inform me the result…

      One more question: The no wheel issue affect only Scania traffic truck only, or other types too?

  20. I tested this and the AI cars seem fine. As for the trucks there alright as well. On road the Scania truck seems fixed and only on occasion you might see the odd scania in a parking lot with no wheels. Its definitely a much rarer occurrence now and yes it looks to be only scania traffic.
    Thanks for everything and I can only watch this feed if I have time.

  21. I also thought I’d mention that all AI headlights stay on at all times night and day.

  22. Yes, I know.

    Most of European country the use of low beam or DRL (Daytime Running Light)is specified in laws, not only at night but daytime too.

    This in my mod for realistic.

  23. In most of in game countries there are no regulations regarding traffic lights (for example: Germany, Netherlands, Austria, France – there is no duty to use them)

    Anyway mod is great – I set myself 90 km/h for trucks on highways and country roads and because You put different speed values to each truck sometimes I meet a truck which doesn’t go over 70 Km/h and sometimes I meet one which goes 90 km/h max – that is supercool and super realistic 🙂 Thank You – combining this mod with rush hour mod gives me crazy amount of AI.

    Anyway – huge shame that trucks with trailers can’t use left lane on highways. Huge SCS mess up.

  24. Very good mod, I like the traffic and the speed makes the games more enjoyable but Ive 2 issues with it:
    1st: the issue with the wheels like everybody, just with the Scania, maybe it is because I drive a Scania truck,
    2nd: the most of the cars looks like they are floating and when I get near them they get very big wheels, to big for a car 🙂

    Anyway, its a great mod and waiting for an update

  25. What I wrote above, that’s because of :

    \European Union Directive 2008/89/EC requires all passenger cars and small delivery vans first type approved on or after 7 February 2011 in the EU to come equipped with daytime running lights.\ … \In the past, Germany, Spain, France and other European countries have encouraged or required daytime use of low-beam headlamps on certain roads at certain times of year; Ireland encourages the use of low-beam headlights during the winter, Italy, Hungary and Romania require daytime running lamps outside populated areas, and Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia require the use of full or reduced voltage low-beam headlights at all times. Whether this requirement is met by the DRLs required on new cars since February 2011 is a matter of individual countries’ laws.\

    If this informations in Wikipedia not correct, not my mistake.

    If you dont like low beam all day long, search for def ehicleaisample_AI_light.sii, and def ehicleaisample_AI_light2.sii files in my mod, and edit them, and write back the original values of game:
    headlights_intensity_min: 0.7
    headlights_intensity_max: 2.5
    headlights_range: 20.0
    headlights_angle: 95.0
    headlights_aspect: 2

    Peace. 🙂

    I’m always happy, when I read positive feedback of my mod. Thanks. 🙂

  26. About 1st issue with wheels: I have the solution, and in next version of my mod it will be fixed.
    About 2nd issue car big wheels: The diesel engine versions of AI cars have one step bigger wheels in my mod (and in real life). This look of ‘tuning’ AI cars something similar as street tuning, when tuners in real life change the wheels of their cars one(two,three) step bigger, what too big for car too (funny). This is for varied look of traffic in my mod, and for the gamer, for avoid useless accelerating race at red light in town. (gamers truck vs. tuning AI car) 🙂

    Thanks for positive feedback too.

    I work on next version(update), please be patient…

  27. about the big wheels I know now why, I had the BMW X6 AI Traffic mod and its from them the big wheels that your mod replace :))

    looking forward for your update, take your time we will waiting patiently of course


  28. LOD – level of details.
    In short, you may see that .dds files has MIP MAPS, if you at far distance from object game takes a smallest image for memory economy and render speed inreasing – detailed image realy not needed. How ETS2 really computes how detailed object to render at some distance, I dont know, but rules are same – higher value of a LOD – more detailed object at far distance.
    Kind regards.

    1. Thank you for this info, I guess meanwhile.

  29. Which you advise me???

    1. Try the heavy version.

  30. SaabScania

    thankz Scanreg.

    1. SaabScania

      for solution of wheel issue.

  31. Scanreg

    One more thing

    After few hours of driving I’ve noticed one problem – lot of trucks which You added have speed_values under 25. Only few of them are 30 or over 30 which means that only those are able to drive faster than 85 km/h. Lot of trucks don’t go faster than 70 km/h. Was it on purpose? It is a bit unrealistic – in most countries trucks drive around 85-90km/h on highways and here because of low speeds in truck defs they tend to go much slower.

    1. Mephic says: June 20, 2013 at 10:19 am
      ‘You put different speed values to each truck sometimes I meet a truck which doesn’t go over 70 Km/h and sometimes I meet one which goes 90 km/h max – that is supercool and super realistic :)’


      Mephic says: July 1, 2013 at 11:05 am
      ‘Lot of trucks don’t go faster than 70 km/h. Was it on purpose? It is a bit unrealistic –’


      I don’t understand you!
      The same thing once ‘super realistic’, and the same thing secondly ‘a bit unrealistic’.???

      Was it on purpose? Yes, it’s purpose!

      In real life the maximum speed decide the properties of cargo, not the ability of the truck. Think about the overweighted/oversized cargo (e.g. excavator), or a fragile cargo (e.g. glass)

      Not always, not everybody trucking at 90 km/h, if knows laws of physics…

      1. What I mean is there is much more which go 70-75. And Thats not realistic

  32. Any chance to make it work with 1.4 version?

    1. SunnyChaser

      It works with the new patch, i use it my self

  33. Awesome! Thanks for info 🙂

  34. Well – the mod probably does not work at all. I checked messages in gamelog and it says that there are new countries.sii files found and they are overwritten.

    Probably same applies to trailer def files.

    The only real difference is in trucks (there are still trucks with upgrades) – still not 100% sure if I’m right.

  35. Hello Scanreg,

    can you make a fix for version 1.4.8
    the logfile give now only 29 traffic and 18 trucks
    the trailers are oké 109
    thanks in advance : willy B

  36. it needs a grafic update.
    grey windows , wheels are only good in close range.
    and the lights are not good they are to bright and to much.the whole screen is enlightened.
    when updated it would be the best AI mod.
    will you please fix it and make it ready for 1.4.8

  37. Hi Folks!

    I updated my mod, and the 2nd version available at

    This 2nd version of my mod is compatible with 1.4.X patches of ETS2.

    Take a look for that…

    BA 733BK

  38. thank you for letting us know.

  39. Will this work in verison 1.12? When I will I understand if its working…just after starting the game…or it will take time to gather vehicles? Thanks

  40. Tristan Thomas


  41. The heavy traffic makes me crash for some reason. I do not have a low-end pc just to make that clear.

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