Cute Radio Tuning

Cute Radio Tuning for all scs trucks
This mod was tested on the versions of the game 1.29.x.x – 1.30.x.x
Do Not Edıt !
Do Not Reupload !
Thanks in advance.



9 Responses to Cute Radio Tuning

  1. Arvid says:

    Don’t work for me with the newest version of the game. :-/

  2. rqs says:

    It would help a LOT if you would explain what the mod does.

    • @dr_jaymz says:

      lol yeah… im wondering what is he trying to say with the “cute” radio xxxx…..

    • Hicham says:

      Yeah this guy intentionally provides no description or in game screenshots so people have to download and test.. It’s kind of a #### move

  3. jack says:

    its is not showing in mod folder with 1.30

  4. Arvidfuzzy says:

    Don’t work for me.

  5. Jack says:

    This “mod” does nothing. Don’t download this.

  6. Halvard says:

    This is just nonsense. Do not download this.

  7. Arthur Vince says:


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