Czech Map/ Majooou Map 1:1 – v1.6.5 [1.30.x]

MajooouMap 1.6.5 for 1.30.x is the standalone Czech Map in real scale.
DLC’s East, North and France are required!
Compatible with DLC Italia
Changelog 1.6.5

• adapted to 1.30.x game version
• new company in city Nedakonice
• bonus: company in city Žlutava
• interesting situations on roads (crashed truck etc.)
You can share this map but KEEP THE ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD LINK!
If you have any ideas how to improve the map, just let us know about it on our facebook page.

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9 thoughts on “Czech Map/ Majooou Map 1:1 – v1.6.5 [1.30.x]

  1. Installed without any MOD, many yellow and red lines on the console.

  2. scott gamer

    pq esse mapa da tanto lag?

  3. Jannis1999original

    Why so many roads on the map of the sat nav and the world map?

  4. Jannis1999original

    Why are so many roads missing on the map of the sat nav and the world map?
    Very much a pity that sont a very nice

  5. game crash at road to bratislava

  6. On this map is not any road to bratislava xD

  7. Guarded_Finnbar

    Compatibel with Promods?

  8. Baixando para conferir, especialmente pela questão da escala real.

    “Downloading to check, especially for the issue of real scale.” (Google Translator)

  9. Mám staženo a nainstalováno, na mapě světa mám i Českou republiku, ale nefunguje. Někde(ale nevím kde) je třeba přepnout “herní mód” ale nic takového jsem nenašel Poradí někdo?

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