Dacia Logan MCV 2012 (1.40)

Dacia Logan MCV 2012 – ETS2 (1.40)
-Real Sound Engine 1.5dCi
-Engine 1.5dCi 90HP, Engine code:K9K892 (Euro 5 DPF).
-BMW 5-Series Seats.
-Renault Clio 2017 Steering Wheel.
-Custom license plate from Romania.
-Vossen Wheels.
-Media Nav LG Dacia Navigation.
-5 Speeds gearbox.
-Sport pedals.
Do not edit the mod without asking me!
Do not change link!
You can ask me if you want to edit car on Instagram: @xdanny1357
The car is not stable at roads,please open console and type “g_suspension_stiffness (number) and ”g_truck_stability (number)” and enter!
!!!Attention!!! If you get crashed I recommend disable mods or you can create a new profile!!!
If you want you can adjust the seat position according to your preference!
Author Car: DaNnY3L
Author Interior: DaNnY3L
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15 thoughts on “Dacia Logan MCV 2012 (1.40)

  1. Salut oare ai putea sa creezi un bmw x3

    1. Salut, nu am timp sa creez alte moduri, voi continua sa tot actualizez modul asta cand vor aparea versiuni noi de ETS2!

  2. Salut frate, superb modul. Am doar o nedumerire, de ce nu ai folosit un volan de dacia? Facea mult mai realistic modul, dar nu vreau sa o iei ca o critica sau ceva de genul

  3. truckman59

    Encore pour 1.40 ????

  4. truckman59

    Pourquoi sigle Renault.sur le volant ?

    1. Well, in Romania, there are several Dacia Logan tuning with Renault steering wheel for a more pleasant and aggressive look, and Dacia belongs to the Renault Group. A Renault steering wheel on a Dacia looks perfect.

    2. Octavian101

      Because Dacia is a subsidiary of the Renault brand.

  5. fiat jinea pls

  6. Octavian101

    Bravo Dani, multumim de mod!

    1. Cu placere! Ma bucur ca iti place! 🙂

  7. CanadianMaps

    Mod de calitate da o intrebare:
    Ai putea face o versiune care nu-i bazata pe modu de Skoda?

    1. Nu pot

      1. CanadianMaps

        exista cumva sa fac eu singur modu sa nu mai fie bazat pe skoda? Incerc sa-l fac sa mearga cu alt mod care tot ii bazat pe Skoda.

        1. Poti face, ai ceva de munca la mod, daca stii sa faci poti sa iti faci, dar eu nu mai stau sa fac modul sa fie bazat pe altceva, il las asa pe skoda, nici nu ma complic, vor fi erori crash-uri, e mai complicat, si nici timpul necesar nu il am, eu doar am sa ma ocup eventual sa mai repar mici buguri daca sunt si dupa sa il actualizez acest mod la noile versiuni de ETS2.

  8. please do range rover evoque

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